Massive Killzone 2 Image Comparison: 2007 vs 2008 vs 2009


"An aesthetic insight into the progression of a video game's development.

It's not often that you get to see a game three years in a row. With Killzone 2 we were "lucky" enough to have a glimpse in 2005 in the form of a CGI trailer.

There have been plenty of comparisons showing how close the actual game's graphics are to that trailer, but what about a comparison of the game's engine from early 2007 to its final 2009 build, via 2008?

Lots of improvements across the board, many you'll be unable to spot in this comparison, but you will notice shallow differences and huge improvements, especially when comparing 2009 to 2007."

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Mr Bot3567d ago

its becoming more detailed and better lighting and they even changed the cloths of some!

February 27 is the day that me and my pupils(X****) dark power of the force will be tested

Aaron Greenterd3567d ago


if so, contact me at [email protected]

thank you.

sloth4urluv3567d ago

I sincerely hope the game delivers.

Looks very good.

Chester_B3567d ago

I'm a huge Killzone fan and love the graphics of this game. But I think in terms of color and some other things the first build was the best one. Look at the fifth image. The tone of the skin looks most natural to me and I think the composition of colors as a whole really fits the style of the game.
Nevertheless the last build is clearly improved on the tech. side. Please don't kill all my bubbles. It's just my opinion.

Shadow Flare3567d ago

i thought i read somewhere that the final build was alot better then the review build aswell. So if it is, then it looks even better now

himdeel3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

...spit & shine. What a difference two years makes. Exciting.

MmaFanQc3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )


i loled!

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techie3567d ago

This isn't old. The comparison is new and features three builds, rather than the previous two. Is really interesting seeing it from 07, 08 and 09.

TruthBTold3567d ago

these comparisons side by side in order to really appreciate the modifications GG made. I was wondering if the 2009 are the finished build or it will still be even more polished when we get the game on disk.

MisfitSmurf3567d ago

i like sev's face in the 08 and 09 build on the 3rd picture >.> he looks like an imp

pornflakes3567d ago


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Magic_The_Celt3567d ago

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dukadork23567d ago

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jcfilth3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

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goflyakite3567d ago

GG lived up to the trailer.

He's lost his mind.

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Madgunner3567d ago

glad its made this improvement.. when they showed the first build the biggest gripe i had with killzone 2 was how horrible the character models looked.. it just dirint fit the atmosphere in the game at all

The Great Melon3566d ago

I remember seeing the trailer for the opening sequence a long time ago and was in awe until I saw one thing. While the models were a little wonky back then, it was the smoke trail from the destroyed transport at the beginning that irked me. It looked horrible after everything else I had just seen.

Leio3567d ago

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Bathyj3567d ago

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Man, that was too easy.

JayTe 1233567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

i really can't wait until february 25th but i must say how some of you guy's go on about this game is pathetic... every game that has been released or is yet to be released on the "other console" is crap according to some people. and there are quit a few on N4G...
"alan wait sucks just look at Killzone 2 or heavy rain!!" "Killzone 2 sh*ts all over halo 3!!" etc.etc.
yes Killzone 2 looks like it's going to be spectacular, GOTY material, but that doesn't mean other games are bad...

jcfilth3567d ago

You buying a 360 is pathetic!

CryofSilence3567d ago

Yeah, it's pathetic you're not going to be able to play it.

r3xmund13567d ago

If this was Halo:ODST, you would hear all the M$ boys crying and hollering claiming "victory" yet again....

But because its on the Black Beauty we have to put up with terds talking trash. I played the BETA and the GAMEPLAY was astounding, the fact that the graphics make you wanna spooge is a bonus.

And BTW victory can only be claimed at the END of a war... The PS3 is just a YEAR and a bit old in PAL territories you old fogies have been around since 2005...

Gimme a break

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