Trepang2 Review | TheSixthAxis

An ode to the bullet time-filled supernatural shooter series FEAR, Trepang2 is a fun throwback to the mid-2000s.

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Wccftech's Best Shooter Games of 2023 - Solid Transitory Year

2023 was not the best year for shooter games. However, there were still several noteworthy releases that genre fans should check out.

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"Trepang2 - Deluxe Edition" is now available for PC via Steam

"The Wakefield-based (the UK) indie games publisher/developer Team 17 and Vancouver-based (Canada) indie games developer Trepang Studios, are today very excited and happy to announce that they have just launched a Deluxe Edition of their grisly, supernatural action shooter "Trepang2" via Steam." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


Trepang2 review - Games Asylum

Games Asylum: "The Official PlayStation 2 Magazine played a pivotal part in generating hype for EA/Criterion’s 2006 first-person shooter Black. They claimed it would progress the shooter genre significantly, comparing its shootouts to Burnout’s crashes – every bullet had the potential to ricochet, bouncing off surfaces and into explosive barrels, causing unforeseen chain reactions. For the most part, Black made good on its promises, and while fans have long requested a sequel, it’s something that has never happened."

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Terry_B133d ago

Probably the best FPS of 2023 that is not a re-release / port