Helldivers 2 – What is Going on?

The live-service third-person shooter has seen some mixed reactions to a few practices, but player impressions are positive so far.

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Helldivers 2 Best Stratagems Guide: Most Effective Stratagems to Use

If you're struggling with your loadout, our Helldivers 2 best stratagems guide is here to help you find the best democracy-spreading weapons.


Mortars all the way. Higher difficulty Orbital Laser to basically one shot bile titans.

THEzRude2h ago

Railgun n orbital railgun, 500 kg bomb. rest is optional.

P_Bomb14m ago

Orbital laser against anything armored. Chargers, Titans. Profit!


Yes, Hell Divers II Has Microtransactions but It Isn’t Bad as You Think

The Outerhaven writes: While Hell Divers II does have microtransactions, they aren't being forced on players, and they are for cosmetics and other gear you can't get normally.

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TwoPicklesGood13h ago

Its a PAID game so yes, microtransactions are as bad as they think. They aren’t truly pay to win but they are still bad. Hell, anytime there is an article trying to convince you they aren’t bad, you know damn well they are lol.

GamerRN4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

I'm so confused, everytime PlayStation has micro transactions, it's never a big deal. But any other company, especially Big M, then the Ponies come out swinging.

Yet, here they are defending... Not in the case of this poster, but see below...

-Foxtrot4h ago

Tell me about it

MTs are MTs

Why are we suddenly defending this now

Yeah sure the game is good and is a success but it doesn’t hide the fact MTs are a cancer to the industry.

People need to stop cherry picking what to call out

IRetrouk4h ago

Must be that xbox tax.
Forza has had every dlc car turned into Mt's so far, the only one I think doesn't have the option yet is motorsport 8, yet nothing is ever mentioned about it, on the other hand, gt 7 got lots of heat for their 3 credit option, so it's really not as black and white as you make out.

shinoff21832h ago

Yep that's bullshit. Read my comment above. And I definitely root for Sony more the ms.

It's all made up in your head. Just like that dumb xbox tax some swear by

GamerRN1h ago


The article title literally defends them...

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Jarmenta3h ago

That's a bad take on microtransactions.

shinoff21832h ago

Agreed. Microtransactions are a stain on the industry and today's gaming.

CrimsonWing695h ago

LMAO ok ok ok I want us to somehow pin this and bookmark this, because this is hypocrisy at its finest! Helldivers 2 is a GaaS game and yet it’s ok and the microtransactions are ok because “it’s not as bad as you think.”

Well, let’s just hope that the rest of the GaaS games that will eventually phase out traditional games aren’t “as bad as you think.”

GamerRN4h ago

I absolutely agree with you... It's amazing how one sided it's gotten...

LikAChicken2h ago

I started looking at this site around 2007, and I distinctly remember how one-sided it was (heavily leaning toward Microsoft vs Sony). I JUST started paying attention to this site this year after stopping around 2011.

It's fascinating to see how the discourse on this site has largely remained the same but is in favor of Sony at this time. I don't get the need to put blinders on this hard.

GamerRN1h ago

I agree... I'm not in favor of either side, I just can't get over how childish it makes gamers look when they become fanboys.

Christopher1h ago

I'm tired of making my stance on this, which is very anti-MTX, because both sides tend to vote me into oblivion. People just don't understand how gameplay is being changed to increase the chances that people will invest in MTX. And a lot of people here are like "I played 50 hours this week and didn't have to spend anything" when most people aren't spending that much time to play and aren't getting the same out of their time. Casual market is their target for this stuff and it affects us all. I'm not happy spending twice as long to accomplish a task because they want casual gamers to feel like it's all they can do in game, if at all.

Duke194h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Reads a lot like:

"Microtransactions are bad unless its a game I like!"

Microtransactions are anti-consumer no matter how they are built into the game. The more people normalize the idea of locking content behind paywalls (and keep buying it!) the more this will just be the standard across the board

blacktiger4h ago

it is but if you can earn with game currency then what the hell do i care? once they force you there is no way, then yea it is bad as fk!

Duke194h ago(Edited 4h ago)

as long as it has an actual monetary price tied to it, I think its a really slippery slope. If a developer puts something for $5 USD on an ingame marketplace OR gives the option to grind for 50-250 hours worth of ingame currency for an example, in most cases that is still effectively just a paywalled microtransaction.

I guess as soon as they attach a $ to anything in game, it becomes less about delivering content for the player, and just about simply making more cash. Hence my "fuck all microtransactions" take

Jarmenta3h ago

Agreed, everyone is mad about money but if you don't have to pay, then who it doesn't affect you. It's like if everyone got a cake that was good, but you are mad because other people paid to have sprinkles or more whipped cream. You got the cake you paid for, mind your own business.

z2g3h ago

It’s not as bad when Sony does it….