Warner Brothers is working on new DC games, but sadly not Superman

With Suicide Squad KTJL now available on PS5 and Xbox, WB Games is developing new DC Comics games, but Superman isn't a priority right now.

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RaidenBlack9d ago

not another GaaS, plz WB
and plz let Monolith make another F.E.A.R game after their Wonder Women game

Christopher9d ago

WB execs are big into live service games, sadly. They got the wrong memo that most other studios have gotten about live service games not being as successful because of the existing pool of them and having to be a hit immediately to truly succeed. Epic, EA, and Riot aren't making all that money to let others get in on their action. They're making it as hard as can be for people to get a piece of that pie.

ApocalypseShadow10d ago

With Spider-Man doing well, with an upcoming Wolverine game coming down the line, and the leak that an X-Men game is coming to PlayStation, and games like Guardians of the Galaxy doing well, just give us a Justice League game. I'm sick of just seeing Batman made even though I like Batman.

I want a Superman game. But not if the developers aren't capable of making a great game with the character. I can see different levels made with the different characters to show their powers in Justice League. Even an underwater Aquaman level where you can use his communication powers with sea creatures would be great. With a boss battle with Black Manta in and out of the water. A Flash level running through the streets against Reverse Flash, in the sky and in space battles with Green Lantern or Superman. Fighting on Paradise Island with Wonder Woman, etc. Either fighting the Legion of Doom or Brainiac controlling villains. Just something Epic. You could mix and match super heroes on different levels. But the game would be much harder to play as those characters because that hero would be at a disadvantage.

That's what I want anyway. It doesn't just have to be Superman only.

Terry_B9d ago

Give me a Lobo or a Green Arrow game already.

porkChop9d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Superman character just doesn't work in a video game. Between his abilities and his singular weakness, any game where you actually *feel* like Superman will basically have you in god mode the whole time.

The whole bad guys using kryptonite to weaken him thing is super boring at this point. Also, an origin story where he's slowly learning his powers will only work for one game before you run into the same problems again. You can't take away his powers as an adult because it's a cheap gimmick and people hate it. He's just not a good character to build a game around.

Superman as the bad guy where you're struggling to survive and take him down? Eh, maybe, but it wouldn't be a Superman game anyway at that point.

RaidenBlack9d ago

A Superman game will work for a semi-open world game not set on Earth but on another hostile planet with pockets of Kryptonite debris/formations and other natural hostilities + super mutant enemies.
This will limit his ever uber powerful abilities and will force players to play accordingly & strategically.
Now don't comment below, "but what's the point? we want an open world Supes game set on Earth" coz that ain't feasible as porkChop listed above.
One Superman game like this is still better than no Superman game.

CantThinkOfAUsername9d ago

It seems like younger generations love the feeling of being OP with no struggle whatsoever if current popular entertainment is anything to go by.

ravens529d ago

As long as its not gaas or I hope it does just as poorly as Ssktjl

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Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed Announced for All Major Platforms

Disney and THQ Nordic during today's Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase announced Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will launch later this year.

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darthv7211h ago

Would be even better if it was all three games, but this is a nice start.


A Small Mistranslation of PlayStation's Multiplatform Plans Causes Panic Among Sony Fans

A mistranslated statement by Sony's CFO and COO Hiroki Totoki about PlayStation's multiplatform plans is causing unwarranted panic among some PS5 fans.

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Sonic18811d 7h ago

They might be talking about Bungie's game Marathon. That game will also launch on Xbox.

Jin_Sakai1d 7h ago

“Sony's President quote clarified, "multi-platform" means PS and PC NOT Xbox and Switch“

Everyone should’ve known this.

Abriael1d 7h ago (Edited 1d 6h ago )

I've read that making the rounds, but that's actually false (I believe it comes from a site doing some speculation and another site quoting it as gospel, because people nowadays can't do their job, it appears).

Totoki-san didn't issue any such clarification anywhere. He did not say anywhere or at any time that he doesn't mean Xbox and Switch.

But that's because no clarification is actually needed.

The original statement itself, if translated correctly as mentioned in the article, is pretty clear in the fact that he's focusing on PC and not other consoles.

Lightning771d 5h ago

That it a correct assessment yes.

Jin_Sakai1d 5h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

“Totoki-san didn't issue any such clarification anywhere. He did not say anywhere or at any time that he doesn't mean Xbox and Switch.“

He also didn’t say anywhere that he did mean Xbox or Switch.

Einhander197214h ago(Edited 14h ago)

Typical, you write an article that correctly states that he is talking about PC, then you go directly into the comments to misinform people about what you just wrote.

And you're not the only person who can read Japanese. He does not say anything about xbox or Switch in the entirety of his message. You are just saying what you want to hear and what you want people to think.

The Microsoft agents on the web are going hard into a pressure campaign to manipulate the messaging in Microsoft favor.