Helldivers 2 Has Sold 1M Copies

Says CEO of Arrowhead/Creative Director of Helldivers 2.

Flawlessmic10d ago

Love to see it!!!

The game is rediculously fun, was a last minute purchase for me seeing as it was cheaper than the usual $120.

More GAAS games really need to think about not charging full price for these types of games.

I probably wouldn't have given it a chance at $120 as I typically don't like gaas but this is awesome.

Jin_Sakai10d ago

“More GAAS games really need to think about not charging full price for these types of games.“

Agreed. $40 isn’t bad at all. I may pick it up next month after some updates have been released. Been watching quite a few people play and it looks fun!

zaanan10d ago

does it really not have couch coop? my kids and I had a blast with the first one, coop is def the way to do it.

Mr Logic9d ago


In case you didn't know this game is no longer top down like the first one. Full on 3rd person shooter. I say that to say, no, it does not have any kind of local multiplayer.

sagapo10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The usual $120? Where the hell do you buy your games?

Flawlessmic10d ago

Im from Australia bud, thats how much they are here.

sagapo10d ago

@Flawless; oh, ok. Australian dollars. So around 75 American ones or Euros.

smashman9810d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Australia be wildin

badz14910d ago

I was in Aussie when the PS3 launched. Bought my 1st PS3 for AU$978 with RFoM and Motorstom bundled in plus a second SIXAXIS cobtroller thrown in too as free extra. I was on scholarship at the time and it was a steep price to pay but that was the best deal I could get at the time. The PS3 itself launched for the MSRP of AU$1000 just a couple months prior so I consider my purchase as a steal. But yeah, I bought almost all my games from eBay back then because game prices there is ridiculous! I only bought 2 games from retail in Aussie which was Uncharted DF which was sold for AU$78 for some reason and The Orange Box for AU$120 at EB Games. It was already THAT expensive back then. Now it must be brutal over there.

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Inverno10d ago

Most GaAS games are f2p though, not that it excuses them but at this point we already know they're intentionally put out in a horrible state.

italiangamer10d ago

Hopefully Sony snaps Arrowhead after this game's success 🥸

Jin_Sakai10d ago

Sony wants a good live service game and they’ve worked closely with Arrowhead Games so it’s definitely possible.

RaidenBlack10d ago

Sony, Give the Arrowhead team the Warhawk/Starhawk IP and let them come up with a proper sequel ...

LoveSpuds10d ago

I loved Warhawk, but I reckon Helldivers 2 might edge it out as a better game.

I cannot believe how much fun the game is.

FunAndGun10d ago

I respect your opinion, but Warhawk is the best multi-player game that ever existed. That's just a fact.

fr0sty9d ago

Easily my game of the PS3 generation... it sorely needs a remake for current gen. It nailed multiplayer and couch co-op at the same time. I used to get a bunch of homies to come over, we'd load up in a jeep, slap a mine on the front, drive it deep into enemy territory, they'd bail just before to go grab the flag, I'd drive the jeep into a crowd of the other team before bailing myself and watching them all blow up, then I'd go steal another jeep to drive the flag back in, one homie would steal a warhawk to provide aerial support, the other would man the gun turret in the jeep, and we'd run the flag back to base... So many good memories.

Mr Logic9d ago

Go play Warhawk, it's still just as good as you may or may not remember.

That being said I'm not making a judgement call. I refuse to say one is better than the other, because they're very different.

purple10110d ago

Ding ding ding, weee have a winnnneeeer

Travesty10d ago

I was thinking that.. it reminded me a little of Warhawk.. still one of my all time favorite multiplayer experiences.

fsfsxii10d ago

can we get new ips instead? you guys are always begging for sequels, but complain about lack of new IPs

RaidenBlack10d ago

of course everybody would love to see a new IP (there's already Fairgame$ & Concord )
but sequels are still better than the remakes or remasters that Sony is churning out,

MrNinosan10d ago

What are those remasters/remakes Sony been "churning" out apart from Last of Us and Demons Souls?

RaidenBlack10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Until Dawn + leaked Uncharted 1 Remake

fr0sty9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Sony has enough golden franchises that haven't seen a proper new game in around a decade or more... SOCOM, Warhawk, MAG, Wipeout (we got a remake, but not a new game), Motorstorm, DriveClub... all fantastic franchises, some that just came before their time. Yes, new IP is great, but when you have that many golden classics that need a sequel, I'd be more than happy to have that over new IP.

MrNinosan9d ago

@RaidenBlack so counting Until Dawn as a Playstation Studio game, I guess we can count all new IPs from other developers who makes games for PS5 but not Xbox?

So it was actually 3 games then, Last of Us Part 1, Part 2 and Demon Souls.
When people say Sony is just releasing remasters/remakes, they ain't using many brain cells.

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Flenter10d ago

Now THAT would be awesome!!!

porkChop10d ago

Yes please. Warhawk was amazing.

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Hedstrom10d ago

Really awesome. Have had a ton of laughs with it!

S2Killinit10d ago

Finally a multiplayer with a focus on fun gameplay. Fantastic game.

PhillyDonJawn10d ago

Sounds like fortnite