Gamezine: If Microsoft pay, we'll write another "Sony's Doomed" article


"Ever since NPD released November's console sales, journalists and bloggers have brought their hammer down on Sony.

The question is why? Do you agree with their campaign and do you want more?

Last year we reported on the fact that sales of the PlayStation 3 in November were actually down compared to the same time in 2007. This was despite a month on month growth for the console in both the United States and worldwide.

You might have pointed towards the economic climate, but when compared to both Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintento's Wii, whose sales were up, Sony didn't appear to have a legitimate excuse.

O.K., it's reasonable to question Sony on this. Why are sales down in the U.S. in November? What actually happened in the media was worse."

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Pennywise3569d ago

Exactly why most people who pay attention think the gamer journalists are a joke.

Its just like me or you writing our opinions. We probably know more about games than them... only difference is we do it because we love it and they get a paycheck.

rucky3569d ago

Sadly the media still do influence and affect a person who's not up to date with the gaming industry.

I don't really understand why all these people want Sony to fail so much. Do they want blu ray to fail so we can move on to dd? Cause in all honesty the media wasn't like this when HD-DVD was still around. So what, did they all banked against Sony? Do they trust Microsoft when they said DD was the future?

I have no doubt that the media is biased against the Playstation but no one will know their true agenda but themselves.

TheTwelve3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Most of these writings are from American writers. America is the home country of one of the richest organization in the history of mankind, Microsoft.

Don't see the connection?

I'm a patriotic American, but I'm not blind to how money can work in this country to influence media towards one agenda.


prunchess3569d ago

How many of these gaming journalists are America? Is the 360 supposedly an American console? The yanks haven't produced a decent console since...well ever really. So they are rabidly trying to spin the 360 as a success. Only in the US would a consumer\ frat boy\ child buy a shoddy and faulty piece of hardware and then spend the next few years screaming how great it is while they sneak away and replace their console 4 or 5 times!

These are the same people that are writing such laughable articles like the PS3 is dead etc. The PS3 has 20 million WORKING consoles out there versus microsoft's dubious 28 million (working and broke?).

With two class action law suits in the works against microsoft's 360(scratching disc and RROD) the only thing that needs saving is microsoft's face.

American journalists are doing their very best to help save this face.

FantasyStar3569d ago

12, you need to play Far Cry 2. Period.

Aaron Greenterd3569d ago

Wow my Media Outreach Campaign linK™ (MOCK)is really falling apart. I mean, media outlets are basically admitting their ties to me, just so there isn't a revolt among the readership.

I read this as a blatant attempt to extort more money from me from this blogger. He's gonna have to take out a 2nd mortgage to pay for his Live access from now on...

wil4hire3569d ago

Reliable Hardware, Powerful, XBLA.

The XBOX1 nickel and dimed people just as bad, but I didn't care because the content was good/hardware was good. I remember paying extra $ to buy a remote so I could use my DVD player that came with the Xbox.. hehe. And I didn't care.

pippoppow3569d ago

Dear Mr. Greenturd

Your Live Service is worth a second mortgage and more. Why you do not charge more for a service that is similar but superior than any other service out there is beyond me. The price has fallen recently for XBL and ask that it go up instead. I mean paying for a service that never was charged for before was a brilliant idea. I only hope the next gen you charge even more.

Your Devoted Fan

ThatArtGuy3569d ago

The Atari, Odessey, Colecovision, Intellivision say "Hi." The gaming business was American led until the 80's.

prunchess3569d ago

I couldn't agree or disagree with you on that. My contact with the original xbox was very limited (I had a lend of one for a weekend or two) I do remember that it wouldn't play DVDs straight out of the box; you had to buy an add on or something. I found the graphics very PC like. (playing a Riddick game. can't remember the games full name though)

I didn't play online with it. I regret that.

prunchess3569d ago

Yeah, I know where your coming from, it's just those consoles never really did it for me. Far too basic. It's a bit like discussing calculators and insisting that an Abacus is a calculator too.

Atari did produce one of my favourite gaming machines though, the Atari ST. Between it and the Commodore Amiga, they had gaming sewn up for a few years. Top notch machines!

Check out an emulator for either of those machines, download a few ROMS ("cinemawares 'Wings'" or 'Cannon Fodder) you'll see what I mean.

soxfan20053569d ago

Making sweeping indictments of American journalists without a shred of evidence or proof is hardly patriotic. American journalists do not defend American products blindly. Read some car magazines, and notice the reviews of Honda, Toyota, etc. vs. American cars. Insulting your country just because your console of choice is behind the competetion is reprehensible.

SaiyanFury3569d ago


Agreed, 100%. I don't think I could've said it better myself, well said sir.

ambientFLIER3569d ago

"The yanks haven't produced a decent console since...well ever really."

Original Xbox says hello... The fact that you haven't really used one means that you are NOT allowed to say stupid things like that. Generally, when I make statements like those, I try to know what I'm talking about.

Also, the original xbox would play dvd's, it just needed a remote OR a special save file (free) on a memory card in order to control the movie with the controller.

captainjy3569d ago

Selling nearly 30 million units isn't spinning anything. Sony got caught in their own Bluray failure and there's no one to blame but Sony. It's funny how the PS3 supporters will try to use anything to justify why their console is not doing well when simply people just don't want one and would rather have a 360 or a Wii or both. Bluray just isn't selling consoles and that's a fact.

prunchess3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

"Original Xbox says hello..." And it said goodbye just as quick.

MS stopped supporting it just as I started losing interest in gaming on my PC and the PS2 was going from strength to strength. I was hardly going to run out and buy a console that the company, that was producing them, had lost faith in. Did you?

As for the little use I had of the original xbox, it's probably one of the few consoles that I haven't owned. I feel that I am more than qualified to say what I want having worked in the trade since Sinclair released the ZX81 (@1981/82) until 2004. If the original xbox was so great, I'd have noticed.

@captainjy - Man oh man the number of 360's sold goes up in millions day by day on N4G! It'll be 40 million by tomorrow.

Patience mate! You'll be a Blu Ray owner some day. (When you get sick of waiting on your DD)

Send a few quid and they'll write you an article that'll cheer you up!

ambientFLIER3569d ago

Support of the console doesn't matter. The point is that they are fully capable of building good hardware.

cjflora3569d ago

The media in general is a joke. I was watching the news one day where they had a story about an earthquake that killed peopled, and then followed that story up with what Britney Spears was seen doing that day in LA. I mean, really? Those two qualify as remotely similar? It's ridiculous...whatever gets hits and viewers these days is what's news.

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butterfinger3569d ago

I was really impressed with this article. The author did a great job of pointing out the absurdities in the "Sony/PS3 is doomed!" articles through his own words and those of other [read: rant]. I agree that it is absurd to believe that MS is outright paying for these articles directly, but they really do seem to be the main beneficiary (even Nintendo is usually left out on the internets). It is sadly unfair to Sony for this to be going on, but the best they can do is to keep chugging along and trying to pick up steam with great exclusives, features, and advertising. To me, the PS3 still has the most room to grow out of the big 3, and I would expect we will be seeing this growth over the next 2-5 years.

techie3569d ago

Pretty great summary if I do say so... ;) Didn't know there were so many Sony's doomed articles

kewlkat0073569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Who would of thought Sony needed saving....not me.
People write this stuff up and everyone eats it up.

Whenever we see articles, such as:

"This is Sony's Year",
"This is why Sony will win (Insert Year)"
"This (Insert Game) will kill off the competition."
"This (Insert Game) is death to (Insert competitors console here)"

Everyone rejoice and we see Gamelist list all over the place. Again, the same type of articles that feed trolls and get fanboys amped up, about the justification for thier purchase, are them same articles that would suggest, Sony PS3/PSP must need saving. As if, Sony must win soemthing to make it fanbase feel good.

At the end of the day it's all opinions on games, while the real business makers care about the numbers.

POGfinder3569d ago

However PS3 still went on to outsell x360 in europe and Japan

In USA it is different since it is in deep recession . a ps3 costs 2x as much as x360 if u are unaware.

So in future SONy can play with price cuts. same cant be said for x360 --already at 160$ in many places

GLobally 2008 was still SONY's year

Even if PS3 does a 700k in december (likely 800k) it will be termed good in terms of recession since not everyone can afford a 400$/500$ console

mint royale3569d ago

'However PS3 still went on to outsell x360 in europe and Japan'

-Japan yes but in Europe you'd have to call the sales even this year.

'In USA it is different since it is in deep recession . a ps3 costs 2x as much as x360 if u are unaware.'

- I'm sure many are unaware but you are unaware that it is not just the US in recession. It is a global recession so you can't blame the ps3's poor sales in America on the recession.

'So in future SONy can play with price cuts. same cant be said for x360 --already at 160$ in many places'

-Please tell me where xbox's are that cheap! Yes sony can play around with prices but so can MS. They are already at a mass market price and any more price cuts they make will make the 360 more affordable to more people than a price cut for the ps3 will be. Of course both are trumped by nintendo here who could half the price of the wii and still make a profit.

'GLobally 2008 was still SONY's year.'

- Games? Thats an opinion. Sales? No they were in 3rd. Although it was very close with MS for 2nd - sony did brilliantly at the start of the year.

'Even if PS3 does a 700k in december (likely 800k) it will be termed good in terms of recession since not everyone can afford a 400$/500$ console'

-true it could do 800K which would be good. However comparisons to the competition may look abit ugly in the next NPD.

The Lazy One3569d ago

about the price cuts, M$ probably won't cut price, but it will add value.

You might not see the price of the 360 drop to $150 or less, but you'll start to see hard drives included in all models, more games included in bundles, hardware revisions, etc. that will up the value of the console. Sony's still stuck very much in a responsive position to the things microsoft does.

UnwanteDreamz3569d ago

I might agree with that but adding value to the XBOX 360, like hard a built in hard drive, seems kind of responsive dont you think? What about the NXE avatars? How about the changing of major titles release dates to fall in line with the Killzone 2 release.

Who is in a responsive position again?

The Lazy One3569d ago

pricepoint responsive is different. Microsoft is in the commanding spot for pricepoint. Its sales aren't especially threatened by the PS3's, and the 360 is being sold with higher profit per console than PS3s.

It's not about who responds, it's about who has the most options. Consider it like chess. Someone might be on the offensive, but the game is ultimately about board control, and whoever controls the board controls the game.

Microsoft might not be on the offensive, but it's definitely better off when it comes to board control.

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Rip-Ridah3569d ago

I wonder what the headlines will read then. I honestly could care one way or the other; however, I personally believe that the PS3 by far DESERVES to outsell the 360 10-fold. We see no articles from these big companies regarding the innovation, dedication, and most importantly IMPROVEMENT that the PS3 has made since its inception into this generation of consoles. No console is without its faults...hell NOTHING is without its faults. (Only that lizard with the funny collar around its neck can walk on water these days). My point is that Sony as a company has humbled themselves by attempting to gain the respect of gamers and they are being spat in the face by many journalists. Fortunately, Sony is used to overcoming this biased obstacle. GAME ON!!

Zackstorm3569d ago

Humble? Sony is one of the most arrogant gaming companies ever. They have a history for actually stirring up fanboyism, or talking trash about competitors when the other companies usually stay out of it.

Sony's a lot of things, but they're not humble.

I loved my PS1 and PS2, and I hope that in a couple years I'll love a PS3 too, so this isn't a notch taken from the PS3 specifically, I'm just amazed to see Sony be referred to as humble lol.

captainjy3569d ago

Sony doesn't deserve it because they haven't earned it. MS started with the community and worked it's way up. One of the smartest things that they did was put a face on their console with Major Nelson.

TheTwelve3569d ago all comes down to either Microsoft having writers working for them or bootleg sites trying to get traffic. That's IT.

There is absolutely no logical reason for people to say Sony is going down, no reason that cannot also be used for the 360.

Microsoft's headstart, over-advertising, 3rd party buy-outs and corrupt writing staff won't stop the Sony train.

Watch and see.


soxfan20053569d ago

Funny how anti-Sony articles are "corrupt", while anti-MS articles are "intelligent".

The Lazy One3569d ago

an intelligent summary is more similar. The did very little to rebut the claims made by the other articles.