Video gaming systems resist recessionary shopping trends

The economy may be in the doldrums, but shoppers still dole out money when it comes to video games.

In 2008, electronics accounted for 27 percent of overall sales for Target, according to Cassandra Davis, a team leader at the Target store in Bay City. What began as only two cabinet sections in late 2006 has expanded to a whole aisle at the store inside the Bay City Mall. More than two years after its conception, the $249 Nintendo Wii is still an endangered species at Target stores. Davis' store typically receives shipments of eight to 12 Wii consoles three times a week, which sell out in about two hours.

But with an increased demand for gaming systems, Target electronics employee Jamie McTaggart has experienced a few shoppers who wanted their games a bit too much. One person asked for a Wii console which happened to be in stock, but actually wanted a Wii Fit -- a game geared at working out. The store didn't have the Wii Fit, causing the shopper to literally, throw a fit.

''He threatened me with a lawsuit for false advertisement,'' McTaggart laughed.

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