Beautiful Light Interview With Deep Worlds - Influence and Understanding the Game

Deep Worlds took time off their busy schedule to chat with MP1st in this Beautiful Light interview about influence, dev plans and more.


Beautiful Light PS5 and Xbox Series X|S Versions to Be Released If PC Version is Successful Enough

There is a chance of a Beautiful Light PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions being a reality, provided the PC version does well.

shinoff218329d ago

Lost me right about here

Step into the gritty world of Beautiful Light, an intense PvPvP extraction shooter

Sircolby4529d ago

Yeah, as if we needed another extraction shooter to add to the heap we already have...time for some actual creativity game devs. We have more than enough extraction shooters.


Beautiful Light Hands-On Preview – Extracting the Best of Tactical Shooters | MP1st

Beautiful Light Preview – Promising plenty of Tarkov-worthy thrills, Beautiful Light is shaping up to be a solid extraction shooter.