Helldivers 2 Trophy Guide

It's time to do your part to spread freedom by earning your next Platinum with the help of our Helldivers 2 Trophy guide!

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New Helldivers 2 mission sees the return of the Factory Strider

“Factory Striders have made a resurgence on the Automaton front. These imposing, massive support dreadnoughts now threaten freedom and democracy throughout the galactic rim.”


Helldivers 2 player says this difficulty is where the good players are

Despite it seeming counterintuitive, increasing the difficulty in Helldivers 2 could make the game easier as you will find a better squad.

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Helldivers 2 Players Would Love to See This Support Stratagem Added to the Game

One fan offered the idea that a certain Support Stratagem should be added to Helldivers 2.