Tomb Raider Underword DLC Was Meant To Be In Original Game, And Other Nasty Secrets

Two apparently disgruntled former Crystal Dynamics employees have confirmed the rumored lay-offs at the studio and dished a little inside information about the development of Tomb Raider Underworld, including how the DLC came to be.

[A] anonymous, former Crystal Dynamics employee posting in the forums claims that the decision to cut the content was made specifically to use it later in DLC.

"Ask anyone who is part of it and if they are honest they will tell you around 40% of the DLC was meant to be in the game itself, originally. But it was decided later on to take out those parts because they were expecting most sales on the 360 and the DLC the way it looked at the time was looking to be a bit 'thin'. So we were asked to cut some parts out to be used in the DLC."

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Dorfdad3627d ago

Just goes to prove what this whole Down loadable content BS has started.
The games are done, though they remove things to sell as extras!!

I sure do miss the old days when you paid less and got more!!!

SL1M DADDY3627d ago

Hope they got incentive enough to keep DLC with MS and the 360 'cause with the slow sales of this game and now the possible loss of jobs and income for the company, I would wonder if they are regretting it... As far as I am concerned... You lay in the bed you make.

lordgodalming3627d ago

I'm wondering about the "old days when you paid less and got more." I remember back when Mortal Kombat II came out for the SNES and cost $90 RETAIL. In the "old days" all games were priced differently based on how desperate gamers were to get their hands on a title. This still happens in Japan, where regular games cost about what they do here, and high profile games like FF cost closer to $100 (US dollars).

All that being said, I agree that DLC isn't exactly the best thing to happen to gaming, and I'm afraid it will only get worse.

Qdog3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

I distinctly remember buying MK for 39.99 and 49.99 for MK2 on SNES when it first came out. F-Zero and Superscope, with the lightgun were on sale for 29.99 and 59.99 respectively. I bought them at Walmart in Jacksonville, TX before it became the Supercenter, but at that time, regular Walmart was at the top of the chain.

poopface13627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

I think I remember mario 64, super mario all stars, and Turok dinosaur hunter, costing more then usual. but I was alot younger and have smoked alot of pots since then so im not sure.

ThanatosDMC3627d ago

I'm pretty sure Mortal Kombat II wasnt that expensive.

Cajun Chicken3627d ago

I strongly believe that GTAIV had this happen to it too.

lordgodalming3626d ago

I base this on an old copy of Nintendo Power (the one with Super Empire Strikes Back on the cover) that lists MSRP for upcoming games, which includes a listing for MKII at $90. Certainly Wal Mart is in the habit of lowering prices, although cutting the price in half does seem pretty drastic. Hmm.

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Xbox Street Gang3627d ago

Bet they punch themselves in the nuts at night.

Anon19743627d ago

Who would have guessed that this one would sell better on the PS3? Not me. When you see things like this - and good games like Banjo Kazooie get hammered on the 360 but games like LittleBigPlanet move almost 2 million copies in only a couple of months you have to think developers are taking notes for future releases. If you have a game that contains the words "Gears" or "Halo" in the title, or some macho but mediocre shootemup game - the 360 is your best bet. Anything else, make it on the PS3. The PS3 seems to have higher attach rates for these type of games (see Dead Space, Burnout, Devil May Cry, etc). If they keep growing their install base at the current rate they should have over 30 million consoles sold by the end of 2009 and with the more varied tastes of PS3 gamers, developers certainly have a new market to cater to.

El_Colombiano3627d ago

Wow Dead Space sold more on PS3? Sweet.

Anon19743627d ago

It had a higher attach rate on the PS3. The 360 version sold a few more. My point was that for games with a higher attach rate on the PS3 if the PS3 keeps growing it's installed base as it is now it will be easier for developers who are making games that aren't necessarily main stream to make a buck. Although speaking of Dead Space, EA has already confirmed that they make the most money off the PS3.

Shuya3627d ago

Ha someone finally had the guts to say what we've always known, ship it incomplete at full price then make us pay for the rest later. This is not how dlc should be done :(

UltimateIdiot9113627d ago

The sad part is picking the the wrong console to make the DLC to. It would have been easier and more profitable to make it on all consoles/PC.

Megaton3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Makes me sick. I don't even like Tomb Raider, but on principal alone, this is complete and utter garbage. This exclusive DLC nonsense has got to stop. May as well just make the whole game exclusive and save a chunk of your fanbase the ass ache when they find out they can't play the full game unless they own a specific console.

Oh and a big thanks to Microsoft too. This couldn't have been possible without you guys. Please, after you pull out and bust on our faces, take a bow.

Andras843627d ago

To Microsoft...a big!!! Thanks for limiting our games because you are just to ignorant to see why blu-ray is needed and all those people who say that blu-ray is not needed here is your PROOF that it IS needed.

So thx MS...thank you very much!

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