Why Killzone 2 is better than Metal Gear Solid 4

So this last year saw some amazing games land in our hands and we have been spoilt for choice in this era of next generation gaming. A topic that will never die down as long as videogames are around is that of graphic superiority.

When I first saw MGS4 running in front of me, I was astounded at just how damn good the graphics looked, specifically in the cutscenes. While I was super impressed with MGS4's visuals and never let down by the high standard of graphics in the Gears of War series, I really can't say that I have ever seen anything that looks quite as good as Killzone 2.

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Israfel3566d ago

The graphics and online replay value is way higher and more proficient.

But you, know MGS is always in my heart, so I can never say "---" is better then MGS(x)

x being whatever mgs game.
-- being whatever game.

kapedkrusader3566d ago

...the first thing the author says is that he is referring to the technical standpoint, not storywise.

TheTwelve3566d ago

Technically...heck yeah. Graphically? Heck yeah. But besides that...I don't think the two should be compared.


SL1M DADDY3566d ago

Since both are technical masterpieces. Story wise, well MGS4 is a game for the fans and Killzone 2 is a game for FPS and epic theme fans. Not that MGS4 is without an epic theme but being more for the fans, the game can lose some who do not understand the story even in the slightest.

xwabbit3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Both game's have completely diff way's of playing, so y compare them >>?

pswi603566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

this comparison is rather unnecessary...

Aaron Greenterd3566d ago

Why isn't there an article stating "Gears is better than Halo"?

Because another part of my ad campaign is to make ps3 owners feel that one ps3 exclusive HAS to be better than another, when the obvious fact is they are both great games.

Aren't we jerks?

chaosatom3566d ago


Microsoft is in on which exclusive on ps3 is better war.

himdeel3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

...I prefer articles comparing PS3 games amongst each other to comparison articles of different games on different consoles of different genres. Technically K2 does "look" better and appears to be pushing the PS3 specs more than MGS4.

I'm biased to believe at this point as I've been rolled up into the hype that I'll enjoy K2 differently from a technical standpoint with respect to MGS4. Both fantastic games but I am honestly more excited about K2 release date than I was about MGS4 release date.

ThanatosDMC3566d ago

The only thing a Sony exclusive can go against or go toe to toe with is another Sony exclusive??? What happened to the competition???

phosphor1123566d ago

Why apples are better than oranges...

dragunrising3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Not sure I like the article. The difference between MGS4 and Killzone 2 are the game engines. Depending on the game engine the game might more scalable on the hardware and be able to push it more. If Hideo is to be believed, MGS4 maxed out the "engine" not the hardware. In the case of Killzone 2, the engine has not been maxed and the next game will likely try. There is a difference in maxing game engines and consoles. PS3 will never be maxed however game engines used to output excellent visuals surely will be.

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Mr PS33566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Gonna reserve Judgment until i Played K2
But it Dont mean MGS4 is a Shabby Looking Game its an Exceptional looking Game
Damm How Good is Killzone gonna Be


But after playing a COMPRESS MP beta of killzone 2 ......I have already made that judgment that killzone 2 will be better ( my opinion ). Thats how fun that game is ...After see the SP in action . It looks awesome


POGfinder3566d ago

case closed

anyone who ever played the BETA will tell u that

UnwanteDreamz3566d ago

Your entire comment is subjective.

Shoduke3565d ago

So is yours :)

Kidding kidding. Just felt like doing that im bnored

DarthTigra 3566d ago

Imho no game this gen will top MGS4 from what i've seen.

Skyreno3566d ago

alright...say that just wait until it released and you going going to say killzone 2 is better then mgs4 :) ..


It depends,if u are a gamer that love a action pack game and cut scence that are not to long then u can say killzone2 is better.I love mgs4 but the online let me down alot;i was in the killzone2 beta and i can say it is better than cod4(AND I AM A HUGE COD4 FAN).Killzone2 is the best looking game on a console and from my years as a gamer who loves FPS i personaly think killzone2 is the best i have played from my time with the beta.

Kratos193566d ago

The only console game that looks better than MGS4 and Uncharted if you ask me.


No.The only game that looks better than mgs4 is killzone2,Mgs4 looks better than uncharted.

POGfinder3566d ago

KZ2> uncharted> MGS4 > Gears 2

Kleptic3566d ago


Killzone 2> MGS4 > Uncharted > ...then Gears/UT3/Gears 2 (no major tech upgrades between any of them)...although GT5p and Wipeout HD could definitely put up a fight tech wise against any UE3 game...

MGS4 is a fecking juggernaut of graphics though...while Uncharted does look great...I can't agree that it tops MGS4...

thats a tough call it is now...Killzone 2 has major advantages over all these games...the lighting is simply the best real time lighting of any game ever created...the animation is in a league of its own (there is no crying in Killzone 2)...scope is bigger...and even up close details (textures, particle effects, etc.) top all of them...but I can't point out what MGS4 does exactly better than Uncharted...the water physics in Uncharted are better (although MGS4 has the same awesome rippling, the reflections and current are far less impressive)...MGS4 definitely has better in game cutscenes, but Uncharted may have better overall animation...even particle effects in both games are very different, yet both are still extremely impressive...

so I guess for me its just the art direction...I like MGS4's gritty war theater...and also like Uncharted' 'romantic' pallet or whatever the art students call it...its just that if I had to pick one to look at for the next 5 would be each their own...

uncharted 2 looks to displace that Uncharted 2 will probably take the second spot in my book in the near future...killzone 2 though could potentially ride out this generation being on top permanently...