Stellar Blade director "game is RPG Depending on what you choose, you can change your Eve"

Changeable builds, a skill tree, and more!

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Michiel198915d ago

All hack and slashes have that kind of stuff, doesn't make them an rpg though. The game looks great but I'd love if they release some footage how a couple fights play out instead of just showing the QTE scenes and then cut to the next QTE/finisher.

purple10114d ago

Oh dang. That looks good. And it was a year ago!!!

Michiel198914d ago

thanks! I wish they showed something like this in the latest state of play, don't really care for the QTE's. Looks pretty good


Stellar Blade Download Size & Pre-Load Date Revealed

The download size and digital pre-load date for Shift Up's upcoming action adventure game, Stellar Blade, have been revealed.

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chobit_A5HL3Y1d 14h ago

for those that don't wanna go to the site:
April 24, 2024


Stellar Blade Combat Is A Mix Of Bayonetta, Sekiro, & Fallen Order

According to ShiftUp, the combat featured in Stellar Blade is a mixture of Bayonetta, Sekiro, and Fallen Order.


Glad to hear one of the games i preordered and is Looking forward to.

ravens527d ago

Nice. All games with great combat. Day 1 physical.


Stellar Blade Will Feature 3 Graphics Modes

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Shift Up's upcoming action adventure game, Stellar Blade, features 3 graphics modes for players to choose.

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Elda7d ago

Resolution mode for me. I want to see this world & everything in it vividly....sharp & clear.

blackblades7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Imagine playing an action game with 30fps. That azz in 4k made this guy lose his mind.

andy857d ago

I play a monitor so I'll never pick the fidelity mode as the differentce between '4K' and lower is negligible. Always higher frame rate. Tbh even if I was on large TV I'd still do it

Elda7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

No guy here. I don't care about 60fps or an azz on a fiction computer character. I care more about artistic graphics & visuals along with gameplay. To each their own.

Cacabunga7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Graphics mode here as well to begin with.. if game gets messy I’ll change to performance

DafunkyRebel6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

its not just resolution my guy, there are also environmental changes like missing grass or less rocks and more jagged lines on polygons. I notice this in for example FFXVI where a lot of the environment was altered to be less detailed in 60fps and on 30fps they look more detailed

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I_am_Batman7d ago

Sharp & clear, until you start moving the camera that is.

But to each their own. At this point I'm just happy that options are a thing. It seems to me that our brains must fundamentally be wired differently if you're seeing more of the world in 30 fps mode compared to 60.

Elda7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Enjoy your 60fps while I enjoy sharp & crisp visuals along with gameplay at 30fps. To each their own.

I_am_Batman7d ago

@Elda: For sure. Let's hope the game turns out great.

DarXyde7d ago

I mean good for you, to each their own.

Whenever an option presents itself, I'm 60+fps, all the way.

darthv727d ago

i use the portal now more than my actual tv... so i choose performance mode where available.

The_Hooligan7d ago

I am actually getting my portal in the mail today. Woohoo! How has your experience been? Do you play SP games only or have you tried to play some MP games?

Sonic18817d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Balance mode maybe the way to go for me. It will still deliver a balance between image quality and performance, likely running in 40-60 fps

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Jin_Sakai7d ago

Performance mode for me because I want the most responsive controls.

Tody_ZA7d ago

I've found my favourite option to be 40fps fidelity like Insomniac had in Spider-Man 2. With a good TV you get the best experience. If balanced mode is like that in Stellar Blade I'll go for it, otherwise Performance all the way.

Barlos7d ago

Gimme that 60fps performance mode

KwietStorm_BLM7d ago

120fps barely even gets mentioned anymore.