Warning Labels on Videogames

California Congressman, Joe Baca, who has a long history of targeting videogames with legislation, is about to push for a bill that would include adding a warning on videogames that is similar to those found on packs of cigarettes.

Yet another Jack Thompson clone shouting "Games Are Evil!"

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bgrundman3567d ago

Wack-o Jack-o is at it again... Why won't he just go the hell away?

CrAppleton3567d ago

Well.. a Clone.. LOL.. I don't know why people don't just learn from his mistakes..

bgrundman3567d ago

The problem is not the games, it is the parents that let the video games babysit their kid. Why can't he figure this out?

CrAppleton3567d ago

True.. Parents just need to be more involved in their kids lives.. It's one thing to let your kids play games like this.. but if your kids don't know right from wrong.. that's your own damn fault.. I'm a father, and a gamer.. sure my kids are exposed to violence in videogames, but I'm teaching them what is right in this world, not the game

Proxy3567d ago

Warning: Use of this product releases parents from all future responsibility.

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bgrundman3567d ago

This really bothers me because for every study that says video games give you violent tendencies, there is another that says otherwise. When will the people who are actually informed on this topic actually step up to the plate?

CrAppleton3567d ago

All I have to say is.. I've been playing violent games since as long as I can remember.. and I haven't killed anyone yet..

bgrundman3567d ago

Just wait... It just might happen... at least if you believe what people are writing

ammonator3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Be scared of the violent video game kids, us. Completely ignoring the violent movie kids, violent music kids, violent tv kids, oh and my favorite, the violent kids from dangerous neighborhoods. Every generation has their scapegoat so people can absolve themselves from blame. Unfortunately for us, it is our passion and pastime under attack. Though I wonder sometimes if those people that preach out against violent video games realize the amount of violence in other forms of media and denounce it as well? Or do they just go home and watch murder after murder in CSI and think nothing of it.

caffman3567d ago

that says "WARNING THIS GAME IS WANK!" and just to avoid fanboy accusations it could be also put on too human

CrAppleton3567d ago

HAHA.. that should be implemented ASAP!

InMyOpinion3567d ago

Don't tell them beforehand. Instead put a small sticker on the back that says "PWND".

InMyOpinion3567d ago

Do they have warning labels on guns?

I heard that in some states in the US it's legal for children all ages to shoot guns & rifles as long as an adult is with them. Maybe they should have warning labels on parents as well? "This parent may cause you to become a violent person" or "This parent may cause you to accidentally kill yourself/someone else by putting a gun in your hand".