Xbox Series S Toaster Review: It Seemed Cool... Then It Broke Within Two Weeks

GameSpew has updated their Xbox Series S Toaster review which seemed great, but then brokn within two weeks of them buying it.

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Hofstaderman66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

God, the bad news for XBOX keeps on coming....
XBOX exclusives are literally toast and now...well their toaster can't make you toast?

rippermcrip66d ago

No one should be surprised. Microsoft will sell their branding to anything.

People made fun of the Series X looking like a refrigerator, so they literally create a fridge and you clowns at it up. Fridge that can keep 2 cans slightly cold and can't be left on all the time.

Relientk7766d ago

No type of appliance should die within 2 weeks. That's ridiculous

Phoenix7666d ago

I have just 1 question.....does it play skyrim? 🤔

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rlow18d ago

Interesting article, it doesn’t surprise me because some people are better all a-rounders than others. Regardless of fame or how good they are in their specialty.

TheProfessional8d ago

This is why I feel like the live action stuff in Alan Wake 2 especially is pretty bad. It also looks really cheap and amateurish.

phoenixwing6d ago

Kojima and death stranding 1 2 will disagree