EEDAR: Nintendo saved Christmas

Jesse Divnich of Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) has revealed that Nintendo software and hardware sales accounted for 50 percent of everything games related at retail in the US for December.

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PirateThom4190d ago

While I'm well aware these numbers aren't exact, it really makes Microsoft's claims of extending their lead over the PS3 to 8 million quite unlikely now.

Gr814190d ago

It makes that claim irrelevant, and proves the theory that without Wii's contribution our industry would be in serious trouble.

Vizion264190d ago

C'mon fanboys. Say how you think the Wii sucks, how you don't play with it anymore - it's collecting dust, Nintendo abandoned the core gamer, it's just a fad, it's for grandmas or some variation of these complaints.

Axelay4189d ago

i hope this number are false because if they are true, it means only one, the so called "hardcore" gamers are in extinction, if it weren't for the so called "casual" gamers who bought consoles and games, the industry would be in deep s***.
this what you gain for pushing the multimedia before everything, this industry wasn't ready for it.
the 10 years of plan of sony is cool but if there is no more videogame industry(except the films) to support it, what's the point.