Microsoft in no hurry to upgrade Xbox

Microsoft will rely on its Xbox 360 game console for longer than the previous version because it's getting harder to persuade consumers to upgrade, the head of the company's entertainment unit said.

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GrieverSoul3663d ago

This is good news! I hope this generation lasts as long as the DEVs can squizze some more power into making better games. As long as games keep coming for our current hardware, ill be happy!

However, in a comment that I know will get me tons of disagrees, after the RROD issues, Microsoft has hurt the day one buyers! After so many issues with the X360 even 3 years after launch, consumers trust is now dented and in need to be reastablished! They have to trust the product in order to trust the brand. Microsoft still needs to get the RROD image out of consumers mind! They need to WIN this ´´console war`` and get on the market with a reliable piece of hardware!

Mikelarry3663d ago

they shouldnt release a new console anytime soon. as i dont belive they have maxed out what the 360 is capable of. same goes for all the consoles this generationi wish they support all consoles for as long as possible maybe in about 5 years then i would be ready for another console.

3662d ago
Aaron Greenterd3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I think it's good that MS is saying this, they are trying to communicate to people sitting on the fence that the 360 won't be dropped like the original Xbox was.

Microsoft should be trying to maximize profits (obviously the price of the pro, elite, accessories, and live show this), but the question is does the Xbox line of products end in 2012?

In 3-4 years, Microsoft is going to face a tough decision, whether or not to produce another console. The problem is, they need to start R&D right now in order to accomplish this.

My theory is Microsoft will team with EA for the next console. With Microsoft's shooters + some other games and EA's sports games, they might have something that can finally compete with Sony.

I also think it's going to be funny when people start seeing the Wii for what it is, Nintendo won't be able to compete with the amount of used Wii consoles on eBay, in Gamestop, etc...used Wii's are going to be everywhere.

Ace_Shooter3662d ago

dont do it. you will lose customers that already invested a good chunk of money for your system. just ride it out and learn from your experience. Xbox will never be as good as the Playstation brand (i give the edge to Xbox as their controller is best for shooters which appeals to a larger userbase in the US...i'm one of them) i just hate that MS does it more for THEIR liking....which is money (can't blame them its all bout the benjamins) but WE as the customers suffer for it. If the Playstation had an 'optional' controller specifically made for shooters then MS is toast. Sony is known to be a trusted brand...and that alone will keep the Playstation brand alive.

Daurelus173662d ago

this is good. for ppl like me who just jump into this gen. its been a year today that i got a ps3. i know this is ms news but if ms doesn't throw a new one of then neither will sony. n hes right getting ppl to upgrade is hard.

Consoldtobots3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

sounds to me like MS and more specifically the xbox division are at a loss for how to compete with Sony and the PS3. The Cell Broadband Engine has really thrown them for a loop as it is uncharted waters for the kings of compile and execute.

InMyOpinion3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

If I remember correctly their primary aim with the 360 was to gain larger share in the console market. I think being in 2nd place ahead of Sony this far into the console cycle was more than MS had dreamed of. Especially if you look back at Sony's domination with the PS2 last gen.

If you would have said "I think the 360 will be ahead of the PS3 in 2009", back in 2006, people would have labeled you delusional/insane. I would have agreed with them.

StephanieBBB3662d ago

Always playing it safe...

thats_just_prime3662d ago

Wow this is so sad some many idiotic ps3 fanboy in this topic and it has nothing at all to do with the ps3.

If you look at the top end pc games and compare them to the 360 you dont see a huge diffeernce. Sure the pc looks better but its not far enough a head that it makes 360 games look last gen. Look at the upgrade for the ps1 to the ps2 and the xobx1 to the 360. The upgrades are huge and instantly noticable. You dont have that yet then you compare top end pc games to the 360 or even the ps3. It hard to get the public to go out and buy a new system with out that.

AAACE53662d ago

I don't see any reason for either company to release a new console for a while, cause if they do, it will be extremely powerful, and will cost alot of money! In this economy, that is not a smart move.

Plus, despite what many people say about either console, I think neither one has reached it's potential yet, and probably won't within the next few years. There is still alot of gaming left in these machines, especially with the powerful Ps3!

Danja3661d ago

so in M$ words they mean that they will annouce the next Xbox next year

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IdleLeeSiuLung3663d ago

I want the next generation to come sooner. I'm ready to upgrade!

theEnemy3662d ago

the beta testing for the Xbox360 hardware is over!


shovelbum3661d ago

Yeah right, the 720 will drop in the Fall of 2010 just when Gears 3 and Halo 4 hit the market.

kapedkrusader3663d ago

...So when Sony says the PS3 will be their premier console for at least 10 years, it was outrageous. Now that MS is saying the same thing, it's genius. Damn hypocrites.

Crazywhitie3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I think what MS was saying was they'll take there time on the next console, not rush it out like the 360... If Sony said they're running with the PS3 for 10 years then they Lose.. The Video game Console is a five year Machine, after that it just gets old... the first year Dev's figuring out the system, 2-4 years Dev's top each other in game making... and year 5 the new console is born... the PS3 has not even match what they set out in the beginning Stating Game will run at 1080p?? I think maybe 5-7 game do that..... I'm about ready for something new... KZ2 with it's 10 hours single player won't hold me for 2 long.... I for one Can't wait to see whats next

Traveler3662d ago

Well, to be fair, when Sony announced their plans of a ten year lifespan for the PS3 they were talking about how long they would support the PS3, it didn't mean that they wouldn't release the PS4 before that time.

SL1M DADDY3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Bubbles up for reading my mind. Heck, bubbles to all of you who agree. ;-)

Joey Greco RULES3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

they said anything about sticking by it for sure the whole 10 years.
i just see that they wanna stick to their guns a little longer.
but even if they did, how is that hypocritical?

Edit: you can disagree all day, like a child kicking and screaming on the floor, but it doesn't change anything. :(

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Hiruma Youchi3662d ago

We might see a new nintendo console sooner But yeah , I expect Sony's PS3 and MS Xbox360 to stay here longer than other generations of consoles. Ps2 is still running and its been what? almost 9 years ( am I the only one that feels that its still going to be here in 2010.???)

Nathaniel_Drake3662d ago

You are probably right seeing how in some countries the PS2 is just being unveiled for the first time

Leio3662d ago

What ever you do Microsoft dont make it too "hot" this time

Ace_Shooter3662d ago

i see what you did there...very funny. bubble to you