Why Soulsborne Games Are So Popular Despite Being So Difficult

Soulsborne games are infamously difficult. But why has that difficulty been the secret sauce to success for many of these titles in the genre?

GamesAsAService106d ago

Rewarded effort feels good.

Starting out bad at something and getting better with practice makes accomplishments meaningful.

Getting through these games feels like a journey of self improvement, lol.

You only have yourself to blame if things go poorly, but in a similar way overcoming challenge is similarly a function of your own growth.

franwex105d ago

I think because the games are fair. Gamers can tell that it’s due to their own abilities and not some BS.

jjb1981105d ago

I've always loved the sense of adventure and wonder in these games. There's no hand holding, there are surprises and traps everywhere and you have to figure out what some items do. Beating a heide knight was like an accomplishment for me the first time and it felt good to earn that sword he dropped. I've spent hundreds of hours in souls games ever since Kings Field on PS1. The lore is incredible and it makes you think about the history of the world you're in. I can't wait for Shadow of the Erdtree.

SyntheticForm105d ago

It's the recipe of fair difficulty, presentation, boss battles and lore that attract me to these games. The From Souls games have always had a nebulous quality to them that I find fascinating. Demystifying them is a big part of the fun.

OhReginald105d ago

I think its the atmosphere and gameplay. Each of these games unique ways to play and unique settings/atmospheres that are in a league of its own.

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Arrowhead Games: "We want to be the next From Software or Blizzard"

Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead on the success of its game, what comes next and dealing with toxic players

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LostPotato8h ago

Ambitious dream but sorry you don't make good RPGs. Just online co-op shooters.

ThinkThink6h ago

Not yet, but they can grow. Sounds like that's the plan. They have a new CEO this week as well. I can see they pushing helldivers 2 to other consoles, Mac and even high end mobile devices. The game could become a global force and sony can rack up their MAUs.

Eonjay6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

Sure for Helldivers. Surprised Sony doesn't put Helldivers 1 on mobile.... but in reality, I think Arrowhead is talking about creating original IPs that they own. What I question is how they will do this (while remaining multiplatform) without expanding. For HD2, Sony contributed a lot. If they do this by themselves, they are going to hire more people (which isn't a bad thing as long as its sustainable). I love that they are trying to 'stay small' but even when looking at HD2, you get the feeling that they were woefully underprepared to deal with the success they had. Even to today, it takes too long to get bugs addressed.

Another story said that players had stopped playing because of lack of new content. We have know about the new factions since launch but one doubts that they have the internal resources to get new content added at the pace they need to. If they are looking for the kind of success they claim, they need to invest in the resources that will allow them to attract and keep as many players as possible.

XiNatsuDragnel7h ago

Ambitious hopefully y'all can achieve it

shaenoide6h ago

Being the new Blizzard in neither a compliment or a good thing.

thorstein5h ago

When the Blizzard symbol appeared on a title, it used to mean quality. Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft...I think that's what they're referring to.

S2Killinit4h ago

Yeah I remember those days as well.

CrimsonWing695h ago

Not if those games are going to be GaaS.

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