Spencer announces conference for next week

Xbox boss Phil Spencer "We've been planning a business update event for next week, where we look forward to sharing more details with you about our vision for the future of Xbox. Stay tuned."

The_Klank71d ago

I wonder what this could be about?

crazyCoconuts71d ago

Google for all the Xbox rumors going on the last few weeks. It's related to that

Eonjay71d ago

I don't understand what the complaints are about from Xbox fans. They were the ones asking for the acquisition. This is the result. No one is going to spend almost $100 Billion to keep them from making as much money as possible. I think they really believed that shareholders wanted to donate $100 Billion to play console wars.

darthv7271d ago

Thats the thing with rumors though. Easy to proclaim but hard to deny because people will still think they are lying no matter what. i think they should just play it cool like they are doing now. all this talk about this game or that game sure is getting lots of people in a twist... they need to just cool their tits.

Eonjay71d ago


People will think they are lying no matter what because they are proven liars. Thats not the point. A lot of Xbox fans are upset about the silence or their perception that Xbox is not being upfront with its plans. I think if they had just come out months ago and said, we are going multiplatform, people would have their feelings, but they would at least know Xbox was being straightforward. Thats whats missing here. The rumors are only rumors because Xbox hasn't been clear with their plan.

crazyCoconuts71d ago

So, @Darth, Phil said "We've been planning a business update event for next week"
And you're proposing that they are going to say "Here's our business update. No changes, you guys were all wrong"
Update kinda implies something is changing, doesn't it?

darthv7271d ago

No crazy... i just said that rumors are tough to address even if trying to deny them because people will believe what they want regardless.

fr0sty71d ago

Pay close attention to what they are calling it... "Business Update Event", this isn't a pre-scheduled event, it isn't aimed at revealing new games, it isn't even aimed at gamers... it's an update on the business end of Xbox, aimed at their shareholders, who likely are not happy about how slowly Xbox is expected to recover the nearly 100 billion they spent acquiring these publishers. So, they are updating these shareholders on the future business plans of Xbox, so them going third party sounds more likely than not.

Microsoft is pulling a Sega... but with a much bigger game developer portfolio.

wesnytsfs71d ago

@Eonjay, I know I do not care. This is what Sony will eventually do as well. Stupid to force gamers to play on a console they do not want to play on. I know I hate the PS controller layout Im sure their are just as many who feel that way about the xbox controller layout.

Cacabunga71d ago

I cannot stand seeing or hearing this guy

crazyCoconuts71d ago

"This is what Sony will eventually do as well."
No frickin way. You're kidding yourself. The fewer Xboxes there are the cheaper it is for them to secure an exclusive. That's why losing the console war compounds on itself the further behind you are. It's like compounding interest.

Eonjay71d ago

Jury is still out on that but I feel like PlayStation is such a large part of Sony that they will resist as long as they can.

S2Killinit71d ago

It’s a lying appointment.

FinalFantasyFanatic71d ago

Those are some crazy rumours, but based on their current behaviour, those are some believable moves for Xbox.

I friggin hate the Xbox controller layout, I bought the 8bitdo ultimate controller because of the rave reviews, and the fact that Win11 messed up Bluetooth badly, so a lot of stuff like my 8bitdo Pro 2 won't connect (It's a struggle to connect my AVR or bluetooth speaker). PS controllers have always been more comfortable for me, but I'm pretty sure Xbox controllers are pretty popular though, so someone will probably make a 3rd party controller for PS.

You could always go PC, most games from Sony end up there too anyway, as well as almost all the Xbox games, or maybe get a Switch.

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RaidenBlack71d ago

Now, Sea of thieves and Hi-fi I can understand
heck even Starfield
but Halo on PS? That sounds soooo .. weird?
Halo defined Xbox and now its leaking into the very rival platform, for which Xbox owes its existence?
< I'd say port everything from Starfield to Senua II but keep some legacy IPs like Halo, Gears, Fable & Forza exclusive to the Xbox. >

VenomUK71d ago

Hopefully Phil Spencer announces that Microsoft is making an officially licensed PS5 controller with haptics etc , but using the Xbox controller chassis! Then you get the best of both worlds! 🎮

FinalFantasyFanatic71d ago

I get the feeling we won't see any new games, maybe more about upcoming games that were already announced at best.

IRetrouk71d ago

@raiden, sonic on ps or nintendo sounded weird too once🤷🏻‍♂️
If they are gonna do it they may as well just go whole hog, sell your games on rival platforms, offer gamepass on your own console and pc, should be good to go.

RaidenBlack71d ago

yea well, MS's still in the console business unlike the SEGA 2001 exit.
I am not talking the hypothetical Xbox exit, which is yet to happen or may not happen.
So for the meantime i.e in near future, IMHO, MS can port every of their recent exclusives to PS except their revered flagship IPs. (Halo, Gears)
Of course if MS actually exits the console hardware market in about ~5 years, they will no doubt port those to PS as well, but before that, I guess they'll keep some and port the rest.

bloop70d ago

There's rumours doing the rounds on twitter now that Gears could be one of the franchises coming to PS5. Hard to believe MS would release Gears, Halo or Forza on PS but who knows the way things are going. Could be all bullshit but we'll all find out next week either way.

1Victor70d ago

@Raiden: “but Halo on PS? That sounds soooo .. weird?
Halo defined Xbox and now it’s leaking into the very rival platform, for which Xbox owes its existence?”
I can tell you it’s was disturbing playing a Sonic the Hedgehog on PlayStation and Nintendo but after a few games reality g starts to settle and the console hardcore players begin to accept it and live with it.

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Obscure_Observer71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

"I wonder what this could be about?"

Well, FINALLY, Phil Spencer himself will gives us a definitive answer whether/if Xbox will go full third party, partially third party AND/IF Xbox will leave the console market for good leaving Xbox gamers behind.

The way he said "Stay Tuned." gives me hope. :)

crazyCoconuts71d ago

Was it... Like... "Stay Tuned!:⁠-⁠):⁠-⁠):⁠-⁠)"
or more like "stay tuned. :⁠-⁠\:⁠-⁠|:⁠-⁠("
Seriously though, clarity is long overdue.