Funcom to close over half of Conan servers

Funcom has published the list of planned server mergers for its fantasy MMO Age of Conan, revealing that it will be cutting the total number of servers from 49 to just 18.

The reduction is more dramatic in North America and the Oceanic regions, where 24 servers are being merged into just six. In the US, only one player-versus-player server and two player-versus-environment servers will remain, with each combining the populations of six or seven existing servers.

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Pennywise3565d ago

Noone can steal WoW's thunder... Kind of sad.

Darkseider3565d ago

Not so much WoW that is killing off AoC but AoC that's doing it to itself. There were a lot of problems on the PvP servers where people would constantly camp your ass and kill you ad nauseum to make you join their guild/clan. This resulted in a lot of players dropping AoC and going to Warhammer Online, LOTR:O or back to WoW. In any case they did it to themselves. They should have used the same formula they used for Anarchy Online when making AoC. Instead they tried something radically different and it hurt them. Hell I still play AO usually two or three times a week because they are still expanding and improving the game.

Pennywise3565d ago

You are right. But AoC was made with those intentions. It is messed up because this game had such potential. Funcom blew it.

LeShin3565d ago

Man, it's sad to watch that the PC may only ever have one viable MMORPG.

dkgshiz3565d ago

lost its user base at an alarming rate. It had a pretty big user base for the first few months. After that. It just died.

Avery3564d ago

Is LOTRO dead?

How many servers does it have? oh the same as AoC now.

Age of Conan had far too many servers from which the population was spread thin. Now they are rectifying this.

If LOTRO has the same amount of servers as AoC has, then the same thing would happen in that game.

20+ servers is what you will see in AoC, just like LOTRO and just like Warhammer Online soon. Not 50+.

devilhunterx3565d ago

Whats going on? First Tomb Raider and now this? Boobs arent selling games anymore :(

Baka-akaB3564d ago

Boobs with lots of bugs and unplayable game indee dont sell (AOC)

Avery3564d ago

If you have actually played the game you will know it is not about Boobs..

I'll take a guess that you played the first month and left right?

Things are so much different now.

DX10 coming in, in a few weeks, first game to use CUDA. Plenty of innovation coming through.