FFXIII demo Japan only, says Square Enix

VG247: Sqaure Enix has confirmed to videogaming247 that the Final Fantasy XIII demo shipping with FFVII: Advent Children Complete Blu Ray will be "Japan only."

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thereapersson4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

They don't want to upset Microsoft by releasing a PS3-only demo in the United States. That's the only reason why this is transpiring in the first place.

If it wasn't for Microsoft, we'd have the demo in the US as well.

Thankfully you can still import the Blu-Ray into the US and play it on the PS3 without any problems. Knowing Japanese does help your enjoyment of it, however.

Disagree with me if you don't find Oerba dia Vanille hot.

PirateThom4190d ago

It it wasn't for Square Enix, we'd probably have the game early 2010, but because they won't release it on PS3 and delay the 360 version (The Last Remnant anyone?), it means it's going to take alot longer.

That said, it's Square Enix, I doubt we'd get a demo outside of Japan anyway.

thereapersson4190d ago

Well, maybe because it's Square Enix. I know that back in the day when it was just SquareSoft, we had tons of demos for games. Hell, they released a Playstation demo of Final Fantasy VIII on the demo disc of the ill-fated Official US Playstation Magazine, among others.

These modern-day gaming politics really piss me off...

lord_of_balrogs4190d ago

Vanille is hot but I'm still disagreeing for the rest of the statement.

You can't blame MS, it was pretty obvious from the start that the first demo would be Japan exclusive. Look at the Resisdent Evil 5 demo, developers tend to release demos in the U.S. and Canada later as it is assumed that we have short attention spans, so they only release demos when a game is close to release.

thereapersson4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Fair enough, Lord_Of_Balrogs, but you have to wonder about Square Enix's two-faced cultural business tactics. They cater to a western company in the US by providing exclusive titles on their system (the 360), and then turn right around and placate Japanese gamers by releasing exclusive content on a Japanese-based console (Playstation).

I think they just have their hand a bit too deep into the cookie jar, trying to pick up as many crumbs as they can. Also, in my opinion, Square hasn't been the same since they joined forces with Enix, and Sakaguchi left the company.

Also, if you trolls are going to disagree, at least provide a valid reason why. Otherwise, GTFO!

morriss4190d ago

This was never going to make it outside of Japan.

Sarcasm4190d ago

Even if you import it, aren't Blu-Rays region locked? So it won't even load up unless you have a Japanese PS3.

thats_just_prime4190d ago

Well its nice to see the ps3 fanboy are just as stupid as ever. SE already said they were not goin to start workin on porting the game till it was finish in japan. So if they did release sa demo in the us it be completely in japanese and how many american can speak and read japanese ? It has not to do with MS it has to do with SE being a japanese company. How many games made of the US and UK dont get japanese demos ? How many of the get demoson the same day as we do ? Hell how many game get release in japan that never get release any where else and how many game get release for the rest of the word but not japan. Thats just the way gaming is and its always been.

So maybe you guys need to just pull your head out of your @ss

thereapersson4190d ago

Most discs aren't region locked, especially game discs. Unless Square Enix inputs some sort of region locking for this one, it should be in the clear to play them on a non-Japanese system.

RufustheSage4190d ago

This is going to be all over Play-Asia, just do you wanna pay the money for a movie and a demo?

LONEWOLF2314190d ago

And this is where getting yourself a Japanese Region PS3 would come in handy. Those baby's can play both American and Japanese region Blu-ray movies.

rakgi4190d ago

well even if they do decide to region lock the bluray im almost certain the US and Japan are in the same region for blurays

AAACE54190d ago

As long as somebody plays it and tells us if it's good, or if SE are back to their old tricks again... All flash, no show!

Some of you guys will probably import it or something so why are you mad?

Genesis54190d ago

I really don't understand SE. It's like they are doing everything in their power to lose sales.

marinelife94190d ago

Every bit of news that Square releases about FFXIII pisses me off more and more.

FrankenLife4190d ago

Pink Godzilla is just down the street from me. I could go and pick it all up when it is released. However I don't know Japanese. I couldn't imagine trying to play a final fantasy game w/o knowing the language.

deeznuts4190d ago

Unlike DVDs, Japan and US are in the same region for blurays. Or else all the japanese PS3's here in the states wouldn't be able to play movies, which they do.

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Fishy Fingers4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Annoying. Are SE now in the gaming industry just to make enemies out of their fans? Beginning to feel that way.

Either way, import a copy if your desperate for an early taste, or play KZ2 and SF4 like me.

Sarcasm4190d ago

Yeah SE gets stupider and stupider with their decisions.

DNAgent4190d ago

I might have cared if FF13 was actually a good game but it's by Square-Enix so it will obviously flop (as in it not being a good game and it highly lacking any sort of quality). Only the casual gamers still care about FF games.

aiphanes4190d ago

I will get my bluray disc cheap and sent to me. If anybody else wants one holler..

blackpanther254190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

do u think the actual movie will have English subtitles in the blu-ray. I mean i would rather listen to the Japanese voices. If it does have ot then i'll import.

Ngai4190d ago

Well i guess its going ebay madness again..

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