Five Rubbish Endings to Videogames

Gavin "Halfleft" writes:

"Story (or campaign) modes are the motivation that drives us to play through a game.

Like a good book, when you start you want to see what events will transpire, what will happen to various characters, and learn about the world in which our journey takes place. So when the ending to a game we play is a disappointment, I feel a little cheated at times. It feels like all the time I have invested in a game is a waste. Sure, the gameplay was fun and the character development was interesting, but to have an entire story canon voided with a melodramatic and rushed ending bugs me."

Also, spoiler warning (if you hadn't guessed)

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Hellsvacancy3569d ago

I couldnt believe Mr47 had died i was screwin, i put it on the shelf and didnt play it again

It wasnt till abut 3 months later when i was talkin to a friend and he said at the end of the game keep movin the analog sticks and Mr47 will get up and u get to kill every1

Man i felt SOOO stupid lol

wardrox3569d ago

haha ouch. I hate the surprise ending you never quite realize are there.

barom3569d ago

FallOut 3 should be on that list. The story was so great and then boom out of nowhere the ending comes. Not satisfying at all.

Pennywise3569d ago

I agree with FO3, I beat it last night and I was very disappointed.


It was just annoying that you could not play on without reloading a previous save. I had more things I wanted to accomplish and being my other save was like 2 levels back from where I ended, I lost a lot of time.

Plus the actual outcome was not what I wanted for my "hero".

RebornSpy3568d ago

The Fallout 3 ending was awesome!!!


You basically follow a giant nuke-throwing robot as it rampages through D.C., finally sacrificing yourself to save the Capitol wasteland. Epic ending.

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thor3569d ago

Prince of Persia's ending was absolutely fantastic. Well written, well-thought out, even poetic in a sense. I went in thinking the ending would be typically lame, and it turned out to be a better ending than 90% of the games I've played where you "save the world and get the girl" - or worse.

Fishy Fingers3569d ago

LOL... it's probably the single worst ending I've ever experienced. Completely unthought-out and pointless, yay, lets just completely eradicate my last 10 hours work, plunge the population (that I've just spent helping?) back into chaos just so the prince could "get some"... Complete rubbish.

And forcing you to do the final bit in gameplay, that made me feel inline with the stupidity of the script writers. It just made me regret the time I spent playing it and destroyed any possible replay value.

Different strokes for different folks maybe, but I thought it was a utter disaster. Honestly, it annoys me even thinking about it.

zoibie3569d ago

I personally loved the PoP ending, had me thinking about it for a while afterwards. I can see how you would think that the ending would make the game pointless but if you think about it, it has definately been thought over. They could have just made a bog standard cut scene to finish things off, the Prince finds his Donkey and gets new carpets but I'm glad they didn't.

Plus it made up for the poor story progression going through the game. That's why I hope they make the next one linear, among other reasons.

thor3569d ago

That's because you're seeing the story as:

Prince Arrives
Has to stop bad guy from escaping
Stops him from escaping after much effort
Frees him - back to square one

Wheras you don't see what has changed from beginning to end. Sure, the bad guy's escaped, BUT why did you let him escape? To save Elena. It's the relationship with Elena that gradually changes throughout the game. It's a love story. I thought it was very well done.

To me, if the ending had have been that you saved the world, hurrah, THAT would have been totally lame. In fact, when I saw your comments before about how the ending was so awful, that was what I was expecting. You must admit, even if the ending frustrated you, that it was at least poetic. I for one WANTED to save Elena and it was only afterwards that I discovered that you had no choice.

Compare the ending to almost every other game. There's only so many options:
Kill the boss, save the world
Sets it up for a sequel and barely anything happens
Kill the boss, "the first fight has been won" - sets it up for a possible sequel
Perhaps the ending is made slightly sadder by the death of the protagonist

Even most Final Fantasy games fall under these catagories.

It's the fact that in PoP throughout the game there is a clear line between good and evil, and yet this is shattered at the end where we see that not every decision is clear-cut.

"Just so the Prince could 'get some'" - don't be stupid. It's a love story, she's not his fvck buddy; I thought it was clear through the way their relationship changed that it wasn't just about the Prince wanting to "get some" and was about the pair falling in love throughout the game. The ending showed his love for her was so strong he was willing to tear the world apart to get her back.

Beast_Master3569d ago

I agree and disagree with both of you. lol. I think it was well thought but I had a problem with having to undo everything. I finished the game and it took me a good 10 mins to decide wheather to cut down the trees. The trophy I unlocked at the end was called "to Be continued" so I imagine the premise of the sequal will be to find a way to trap the evil and not have Elika die.
I mean this is not the first selfish decision made by the prince. In the previous series it was all about him changing his fate and that of his people. That is at the core of PoP and why I can't fault the ending. Don't get all in a tiffy about the ending, the last prince was able to cheat death and that is what this series will have to do as well.

chaosatom3568d ago

If you happen to talk to the girl and made the connection.

Although I can also see the ENDING as NoT good.

Because it was short as heck and NOt much dialogue to go with it.

Dark General3568d ago

You bastards. I have PoP but i haven't really gotten around to it because i'm hooked on Mirrors Edge. The ending was alright but could have used more. My buddy keeps telling me to "stop playing mirrors edge and finish PoP". ANd he also complains about the ending. Damn it i need to get around to finishing it.

Aloren3568d ago

I agree! The ending was excellent, the best I've seen in a long while, one of the few which actually pleasantly surprised me...and I'm particularly glad they didn't give us what could be considered as the "normal" ending, that was way too obvious after like 1hour of gameplay..

Regarding rubbish endings, I would nominate Crackdown, the game was fun but the end was almost worse
than the general storyline.
Too Human also had a ending that looked more like the end of a prologue than like the end of a game..

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wardrox3569d ago

Not sure if BioShock should be here. Was it a bad ending, or a standard ending on an exceptional game?

Johnny Rotten3569d ago

Bioshock had an awful ending and the end boss wasn't much better.

chaosatom3568d ago

That's the reason i was disappointed with the story. And In middle of chapters there is no story or CGI. that's what I like to see.

The game play was awesome btw.

RebornSpy3568d ago

Not all games need CG or cutscenes to have an amazing story. Just ask Half-Life 2.

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Cajun Chicken3569d ago

Play it all the way through to the end and see, simply the most devastating ending for a platform game EVER, I was playing it at high school and was like;
But boy, some tweens must of really cried at that one expecting a happy ending.

Beast_Master3569d ago

I am trying to think of the best endings, GoW1, RE4 and COD4 are my favorite endings. But as for bad endings I would have to go with Half-life 2, was that even an ending, it was like the end of Matrix 2 with the old man and the TVs. Resistance 2, it can be considered good or bad depending on what the next game does.

blu3print3569d ago

all that just to see the sunrise

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