Konami Announces Marbles! Balance Challenge for Wii

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced its first Wii Balance Board-compatible title. Marbles! Balance Challenge has been devised by Hudson Soft and will be released for Wii in April, 2009.

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XCWarrior3618d ago

Sure hope this game is $20-30, it looks like a great budget title. The online stuff will give it some replay value for sure.

And for what its worth, the graphics look pretty good too.

bgrundman3618d ago

Graphics are not the draw for a game like this.

Smacktard3618d ago

What? This is just Kororinpa, but with a balance board. Kororinpa was ridiculously awful. If you wanted to get gold on every level, you'd have to do some fierce "waggle-mashing". Also, Kororinpa 2 is supposed to have balance board support, so what's the point of this game?

Ugh, Konami, how you've fallen.

CrAppleton3618d ago

Well.. you can also use the Wii Remote

Neco5123618d ago

wouldnt that defeat the purpose?

CrAppleton3618d ago

Game looks like it might be fun

bgrundman3618d ago

Fun is relative with Wii games... especially when there is so much shovelware already on the platform

CrAppleton3618d ago

True.. I suppose in all reality we'll have to wait and see

Voiceofreason3618d ago

Not as much Shovel ware as was on PS2.. That didnt seem to hurt anyone though.. I often wonder why you guys think you have some valid point by bringing that up.. I have to ask if this is your first gen of gaming? Because only someone who is either on their first gen or just extremely misinformed could bring that up and actually think they have a point. The highest selling console of its gen always has tons of shovelware. What are you going to do when it starts showing up on PS3 when development costs get low enough? Sale your PS3?

Voiceofreason3618d ago

You+ education =fail... Open zone is to the right... This zone is for gamers, not flamers.

Playa79703618d ago

whattt!!! is this a remake to marble madnes?