Gaming in the Future: Will It Be Utterly Boring and Stupid?

From the article: "Nintendo plans to transform games of the future into utterly boring, simplified to the bone video sequences that will completely ruin the pleasure of playing a game, of doing it yourself, of living, feeling and breathing your favorite title.

Because of that, gamers of the future might never experience the joy of beating Super Mario in eight minutes, of defeating frustratingly difficult bosses like Prince Thrakat from Wing Commander III or simply see if they can match the strengths of Ruby Weapon in Final Fantasy… Because of that, gaming will no longer be fun and Earth will be a sadder place."

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Cajun Chicken3662d ago

Will be boring, where would the skill and timing be?

I personally think we're better holding controllers in front of a screen then being inserted into a game, I think it would either be to much like real life or too easy, and theoretically, if online gaming was done in VR, I suppose your brain could be hacked into and that's bloody scary, I don't want to even go into in game advertisments.