Japanese hardware sales see a happy new year for all

VG247: PS3 and 360 both see a sharp increases in sales with 32 and 51 percent increases respectively.

Although sales of Nintendo consoles fell, they were still strong enough to reach more than acceptable figures for the week.

Charts below:

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Helghast3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Xbox 360 sales up 51% is Japan means that there were 6 consoles sold

gaffyh3570d ago

Incredibly fanboyish, but hilarious lol.

lelo3570d ago

Take it to the Open Zone child.

Capt CHAOS3570d ago

lol, is that your way of covering a bigger %age rise on the 360...

6 360's eh? well, seeing as the ps3 is only selling 3x, that would make it selling 18. Not exactly taking the market by storm..

JasonPC360PS3Wii3570d ago

6 is good, thats 3 more than the PS3 sold in the US.

mint royale3570d ago

@ everyone :) keep N4G civil!

Daurelus173569d ago

Jason 360
ouch i would normally not like ur commet since i love my ps3 but Helghast sent u up for it

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Bathyj3570d ago

Japan is so strange. Good numbers all round.

lord_of_balrogs3570d ago

They must be getting ready for the 360 exclusive Star Ocean The Last Hope.

morriss3570d ago

They get a bundle for that too.

FinalomegaS3570d ago

I am so getting star ocean, why can't we get bundle over here =/

Any system bundle of Jrpg i would get.

jrsenkbe3570d ago

hey look, the 360 is in a tight race in Japan, with the Playstation 2.

dazzalfc3570d ago

...but wait til NPd reveal the numbers, that'll show that the 360 is the bestist console in Ameri...i mean, the world


I hate how much deep interest there is in sales numbers. All the people that talk about it talk as though their choice was justified with the way the consoles are selling. Some fantastic games out there on all consoles people, go and play them

jrsenkbe3570d ago

I agree with your comment, however the fact of the matter is game sales do matter. They matter in exclusives, free stuff, and the longevity of the console and its accessories. They also determin if a new console will be made.

Yes there are great games on all systems, I recognize that, but what really matters in the business world is sales not great games.

games4fun3570d ago

the reason for dreamcasts demise was not a lack of quality games it was of course sales.

although if you took the time to see the sales the ps3 sold 60 thou and the 360 sold 20 thou

all this proves is that handhelds and wii sell well regardless of anything and the ps3 and 360 sell well when there are jrpg's

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3570d ago

...Open Zone??? Hmm...I'm not saying nothing then!!! ;-D

caffman3570d ago

keep it that way.....oh crap...its not empty now......

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