Killzone 2 Kicking Tires, Lighting Fires, but Why Again Exactly?

Guerilla Games' first-person PS3-exclusive shooter Killzone 2 has everyone gabbing, and bloggers in particular panting, gushing, and fawning. According to the developers, it's steeped in "Hollywood realism" that's supposed to make things more "immersive."

Pedestrian yawn-ese like "best looking console game ever" and "surpasses Crysis" should suffice to warn you that substance and/or insight aren't high priorities in much of the press coverage.

Besides, everything looks pretty gosh-darned amazing these days. Who cares if one game looks better than another.

What I want to know is what's it play like? After all, we play games, not "wall textures," "sweat glands," and "destructible milieus".

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n4gzz3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

here we go!! Bashing starts.

POGfinder3568d ago

Only a donkey would even care about what it says

also see the fear running in MS necks

Feb 4th FTW

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

YEAH on the PS3!!! ;-P

'Wii Toy'??? Er NOPE!!!
'xBox 360 Maxed-Out'??? Er NOPE!!!
(ALL xBox 360 Maxed-Out 2008' Exclusive Games looked dated to me...Me??? bias Never!!!) ;-D

+ Why can't PS3 Fans go on about the Look of the game for???
If it was on the 'xBox 360 Maxed-Out'
(I know, never in a Million years could the 'xBox 360 Maxed-Out' run this game!!!) ;-D the internet would have been calling the xBox 360 the best thing ever!!!
(It never was, and it never will be) ;-D
+ Yeeeeeeees...i know Gameplay is the most important thing in a game to;)

dukadork23568d ago

we're barely started but i'm already enjoying the KZ2 jealous b!tches circus to its fullest. PC world? mmmmm... not bad for a M$ c0ck sucking partner.

"what it plays like?"
dude don't even know about the beta?

it shows one thing:

the entire M$ collective is sh!tting themselves about KZ2

Uneducated Loser3568d ago

rofl...still no online cover....wall textures ate up teh CELL's juice

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jayblings3569d ago

What point was the author trying to make? You aren't allowed to get excited for a game unless there is a proper review? Sites aren't allowed to post their reviews until Feb 3rd, so the only thing that is allowed to be posted are previews and hands on impressions.

POGfinder3569d ago

OPM US - 5/5

and leaked 3 other reviews---all perfect scores

GrieverSoul3568d ago

Sorry excuse for an article!
People have to bash anything related to Killzone!

I swear this game will fail the reviews because people will nitpick everything they can in this.

´´There´s a bug here, a pop it in there, ho,ho.. a frame rate drop right here did you see that?! The PS3 cant handle it! I knew they would have failed their CGI trailer 2 years ago!! I knew it!``
++ As if a game is bug free and ocasionnly doest choke!

´´Ah yes, the answer youve been waiting for! NO! This game is not better than HALO 3! HALO is the best game in the world and no one cant beat it!``
++ Lets not compare this to HALO please! Lets not compare it to COD4! Lets this game be itself and review it for its content and substance please! HALO 3 has already been beaten by CoD4 MW, everyone check Xbox LIVE stats and you will see! There is no measuring stick to put FPS! Otherwise, DOOM 1 is the best FPS in the world IMO! But no one plays it now cause it looks awful and there better games to put our time in it!

If anyone with half a brain doesn´t buy this game because said reviewer gave it a 7/10 or a 6/10, YOU DONT EVEN DESERVE TO PLAY VIDEOGAMES!!!

Lifendz3568d ago

it's hilarious. When GTA revolutionized itself, when SFII changed the way we think of fighters, when World of Warcraft made itself a game some people were content to only play forever....these are just some monumental moments in gaming after subpar initial/early versions.

Now it's Sony's turn. Sony took MS' best shot and wasn't put away. In fact, despite not having but one so called "must have" game, the PS3 is still neck and neck with the 360 even though it's 200 bucks more.

Now comes Killzone 2. The game that even the most die hard 360 fanboy looks at and has to give props to Sony. Look, put the fanboyism aside and remember that you were a gamer before you became a loyalist. The game is going to be great. Stop hating just because you don't agree with some of Sony's moves or are just so in love with your 360.

P.S...I'll have mine on day one. Feel free to add me to get some gaming going.

PSN: Lifendz

TheTwelve3568d ago

If this site wasn't owned by Microsoft, I would actually spend time lighting this fool up like a Christmas tree.


XxZxX3568d ago

Aaron Greenturd is expected to make an official Microsoft statement about PC World's Killzone 2 comments shortly. Thank you for your patience.

WANNA GET HIGH3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

LMAO..I uess this guy did not remember the beta and the postive feed back it got in its game play.This just shows that killzone2 will be reviewed unfair.First it was the target render will never look like the final version but now u can debate that the final version looks better than the target render so they now go to gameplay. he said "Initial reactions to Killzone 2's gaming principles vis-a-vis CES don't reveal much. You have to shoot bad guys. Turrets help. A building catches fire and crumbles. You employ a rocket launcher to blow open a door" Well i want to know how other %95 of shooters are.. :/

It is alerday a sign this game will be picked for the smallest thing but if it was another shooter they will give it a pass.But i dont give a "F"... Add me on psn for Clan wars, jon_abobo... FEB 25TH (UK)

Cwalat3568d ago

i agree..

the only official review in is from OPM 5/5

the others are nothing but local newspaper reviews..

such as the 4/5 from GP in Sweden.. in other words Göteborgs Posten...

but i think ppl should only be concerned over the real reviews if they should be concerned...

Aaron Greenterd3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

We at MS are proud to have PC world as part of our Media Outreach Campaign linK™ (MOCK). Here, they have made compelling arguments to the integrity of journalism; the term "the pot calling the kettle black" should absolutely NOT come to your or ever.

Never mind that if this game could run on a 360 (hahahaha), PC World (of America) would be orgasming into their 360s disc drives and sounding yet another death-knell for the ps3.

I will have to contact PC World (they are in the other room, shouldn't be a big deal) and notify them that the original argument against Killzone 2 was the E3 trailer, and to cry about the graphics now, makes us look like 2 faced hypocritical cowards.

The End.®©™

Aclay3568d ago

I'm sick and tired of people like this guy still asking "how does Killzone 2 play"?

If you've played Killzone 1 like me, then you pretty much know how Killzone 2 will feel. Killzone is not a run and gun shooter, so if you play the game that way, you won't last long.

And the author goes on to say that Killzone 1 was hyped up in the same fashion, but failed to live up to expectations.... Look people, the ONLY reason why Killzone 1 failed to live up to the hype is because the game had so many bugs and issues in the game. Killzone 2 on the other hand doesn't suffer from the issues that Killzone 1 had, so basically that means that Killzone 2 is on the brink of being an awesome game and will not suffer the same fate that Killzone 1 did.

freeblue3568d ago

are you kidding me? CES videos revealed more than most. they'er almost spoilers in some of those videos.

Venomish3568d ago

greentErd hahah, fake greenturd
serves you right two bubbles

Aaron Greenterd3568d ago

No, this is my first account, the ones that the Mods de-bubbled because at that time, the anti-ps3 news was staggering, and I was cleaning up the comments section and sending fanboys crying to their mommas

I'm just trying to get more bubbles on this account, in case they are needed at a later time. See how planning ahead can work in your favor?

We at Microsoft can't see past this very second.

Venomish3568d ago

I see,
then we will need to help you bubble up.
your comments are epic.

dantesparda3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Oh, I dont know,... for the same reason Gears 2 did.

p.s. Hey Greenturd, are you Dark Sniper? What happened to that guy? My favorite was Bill Gates. What happened to that guy, he was great. A super hardcore fanboy kicking fanboy ass.

lokiroo4203568d ago

bubbles any time you need em 'terd!

IcarusOne3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Greenterd - agreed. If this game ran on the 360, I don't think many of these questions would be asked. I imagine a slew of other, benign opinions stirring up fanboy sentiment in some way. Imagine how annoying the comparisons would be then. Xbots wouldn't have to imagine the comparison between games like Crysis or Call of Duty or Halo. They could compare Killzone to Killzone. Actually, I'm not sure which way is worse.

I think the comments to this story highlight the real problem that people are having with it: it's not news. It's another opinion elevated to headlining status, most probably due to the fact that we readers enjoy enflaming our easily offended sensibilities and waging forum-war. Any time a post asks "Why is this news worthy? Why do we have to read this gas bags opinion? Why are blogs passing for news?" the author should remember that they did indeed click on the article, increasing it's temperature, and they did indeed comment on it, adding fuel to the fire.

This includes me. =)

I imagine a world, seemingly unattainable, in which we readers show restraint, resist our lesser ennobling qualities and stop looking for fights. Let's start doing what we imagine ourselves doing - pursuing worthwhile and relative news. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Wow. Sorry, that was a hell of a rant. I must be very stoned.

LoVeRSaMa3568d ago

"Who cares if one game looks better than another."

or Should we just go back playing 2D pong?

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POGfinder3569d ago

owned by MS

just like Variety , GT etc

really sad gaming journalism these days

However KZ2 will get perfect scores from many sites.5/6 haters wont matters

heroicjanitor3568d ago

Doesn't fan the flames mean make them burn stronger? I know what you mean and I agreed though

jkhan3569d ago

"You have to shoot bad guys. Turrets help. A building catches fire and crumbles. You employ a rocket launcher to blow open a door."
What the hell? Every other game does the same thing, Gears 2, Halo 3, and Call of Duty 4 did the same but thats not the problem in those games, but when it comes to Killzone 2, it needs to be revolutionary. People praise Call of Duty 4 to death, heck it didn't even had variety in its enemies o_o, with 6 hours of campaign but hey its not an issue with that but Killzone 2 needs to be 200 hours long, randomly generated, with guns shooting potatoes:|

POGfinder3569d ago

the site is owned by MS

so what do u expect

everyone approve this so that others can see the sorry state of viral marketing

pathetic really pathetic

MURKERR3568d ago

WHAT THE FU*K ELSE ARE YOU MEANT TO DO IN A FPS? microsoft are that desperate? seriously someone explain to me what else you are ment to do in a fps? killzone has taken the fps genre and given it a good polish

Johnny Rotten3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

"some people say I'm 10ft tall with laser beams coming out of my eyes and fireballs coming out of my arse"

POGfinder3568d ago

funniest post ever


na2ru13568d ago

It stinks so bad, it's embarrased the 360 fanboys out of Killzone articles with shame.

It was a decent chance for them to actually appreciate consoles in this generation's offering. i pity

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yoghurt3568d ago

POGfinder "1.1 - actually 4 reviews are in
OPM US - 5/5

and leaked 3 other reviews---all perfect scores"

I am so hyped for this game - how do you know they got perfect scores? great if they did!

POGfinder3568d ago

2 other reviews were leaked at GAF