Gamer 2.0: Rise of the Argonauts Review

Gamer 2.0 writes: "It is no secret to how popular games based on mythology have become in today's mainstream market. God of War has sold millions; Titan Quest on the PC was a relative success, and even Viking: Total Warrior sold well despite being hammered by the critics. Surely enough, the idea of controlling iconic heroes, battling mythological beasts, and unleashing godly20powers upon your foes is reason enough for any gamer to jump back in time and battle with the gods. Liquid Entertainment's latest game, Rise of the Argonauts, looks to branch that idea about ancient mythology by mixing up God of War style gameplay with RPG elements that closely resemble that of Mass Effect. Although the game itself is packed with glaring issues and broken gameplay, Rise of the Argonauts should still please the flock of gamers who need something to tie them over until the next mythological game releases."

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