DoFuss's 2008 Top Multiplatform Game of the Year

DoFuss says: "Every year the gaming industry manages to up its game. Even as a consumer I was aware of how many more games each year I was eager to buy. Fortunately the industry is become less dependent on exclusivity deals. This enables gamers to save their pennies, dimes, euros, yen, etc and buy only one of the two high power consoles and still enjoy the majority of games.

This year has been littered through out with choice titles, that in other years would have been worth of the title game of the year. I actually toyed with the idea of including a list or round up of the ones which stood out. But in truth you probably know them all and if I included them the post would be twice as long. So I will cut to the chase."

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OGharryjoysticks3567d ago

You can't go wrong with this pick because the game didn't have anything to live up to it pleasantly surprised everybody