Lara Faces "Family-Friendly" Redesign

Edge writes: "Eidos is suggesting that the modern videogame icon Lara Croft may undergo a 'family friendly' redesign.

The publisher's suggestions have come forward as the recent release of Tomb Raider: Underworld missed sales expectations by some £20m, while developer Crystal Dynamics has been subjected to layoffs to focus the team's output to the core IP.

It is suspected that Lara's popularity – as a character – is fading particularly in the US. And, as the commercial success of all Tomb Raider games have always had a degree of dependence on Lara's image, this may prompt a fresh face for the heroine in her next title."


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animboo4199d ago

why not better story and gameplay for a change..

gaffyh4199d ago

exactly, the game doesn't sell because it is outdated, Uncharted does everything better. Better graphics, better story, better characters, better art style, better voice acting, better gameplay.

Milky Joe4199d ago

As far as I'm concerned, Lara Croft died after Tomb Raider 2. The games after that, that I played, weren't that great.

This is one of those franchises that just needs to end. Now.

ThanatosDMC4199d ago

Yeah, i agree. After Tomb Raider II, everything turned to crap.

Back in the PS1 days, the exploding Lara code was hilarious!

narked4198d ago

if tomb raider gets a better shooting dynamic then it will be once again an epic game, liek it was in it's second installment.

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lociefer4199d ago

its like simple math , a decrease of bra size = a decrease of fans

cayal4199d ago

only way this game sells is if she is naked, not clothed.

games4fun4199d ago

sold around 1.5 million how is it not selling well? the only problem is either:

1. because of economics: Eidos told its shareholders it would sell more than it did which they should have just projected 1 million of sales and gotten a stock increase instead of overinflating sales numbers and getting a stock decrease.

2. Other parts of Eidos have not sold well and its really not tomb raider's fault and this article is full of it and wants hits and or out of material.

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The story is too old to be commented.