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V Rising is an immersive Vampire Action RPG Survival Game with Castle Building.Awaken after hundreds of years of slumber, weakened and thirsty for blood.

jznrpg135d ago

Keeping an eye out for this one. Hopefully they make it all work and castle building doesn’t feel like a chore. Looks pretty good though so far.

Ethereal135d ago

Very happy this is making its way to console.

Babadook7135d ago

The main guy looked like Drizzt Do'Urden to me. It’s probably more like Alucard if V is short for Vampire.


V Rising (PS5) Review - CGMagazine

Stunlock's vampire survival crafting game, V Rising, lands on the PS5 but is it a vampire killer, or bloody tears?

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Seth_hun1d ago

I agree with this review, it is boring as hell. Iwould give it a 5 maybe.
I know its my fault not researchig the game enough to realise that these crafting mechanics are not my cup of tea, and the lack of story and characters are killing my desire to push forward.


The open-world vampire ARPG “V Rising” is now available for the PS5 worldwide

"The Skövde-based (Sweden) indie games developer Stunlock Studios are today very proud and excited to announce that their open-world vampire ARPG “V Rising”, is now available for the PS5 worldwide." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


V Rising Review | TheSixthAxis

TSA writes: V Rising is a delicious duo of survival-crafting and action-RPG fun that puts the best of both worlds together without making either side fall flat.

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