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neketa114d ago

I knew it was going to come to PS, but it's nice to hear it official.

Mihoyo in an incredible developer, two of their games are in the top ten global revenue, the budgets for their games are off the charts.

The amount of money they are spending drip marketing Star Rail 2.0 and the quality and creativity of the marketing are unparalleled.

And anyone can play their games since they are all free to play.

Lots of people are looking forward to adding ZZZ to their rotation.

PlayStation's push into gacha is huge, they are getting in way before the competition, Arknights: Endfield and Wuthering Waves just got announced as well. And Tower of Fantasy.Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail are already doing really well on the platform.

The push into Chinese and Korean gaming seems like one of their best moves recently, and seems to be paying off really well for them and their partners.

Killa78114d ago

This looks really good and I have no doubt the Devs are decent.

Just hope it's not another Gatcha game.

neketa114d ago

It is gacha, but all the Mihoyo games are single player but also F2P and casual. They have really interesting long term stories and budgets that mean new content, stories and events are always right around the corner.

purple101113d ago

No joke: this was one of my fav games of the showcase

Art style amazing
Haven’t brought anything even approaching this style, since jet set radio & bleach, on Dreamcast


Zenless Zone Zero PS5 Pre-Registration Campaign Now Available

The Zenless Zone Zero pre-registration campaign has now opened on PS5, and players can join by wishlisting the game on the PS Store.

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purple10131d ago (Edited 31d ago )

This game looks freekin cool man, giving me old school beat-em-up vibes (thinking rival schools Dreamcast version) but 3d and online. Sign me up


Zenless Zone Zero Technical Test Registration Now Open on PS5

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo has announced a Technical test for the PS5 version of the free-to-play RPG Zenless Zone Zero.

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purple10145d ago

love the graphics style. combat looks fun, -will be one to watch


Zenless Zone Zero by Genshin Impact Developer Showcases the Catgirl Nekomata

Today HoYoverse released a new trailer of its upcoming action RPG Zenless Zone Zero, featuring one of its characters, Nekomata.

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