Stellar Blade - Pre-Order Trailer | PS5 Games

Reclaim Earth For Humankind. Save humanity from extinction in this electrifying story-driven action adventure.Pre-order Stellar Blade from February 7th.

robtion117d ago

It does. I also like the voice acting. Nice accents.

Relientk77117d ago

I think this might have sold me on the game. This looks sick!

robtion117d ago

It does look sick. The customisation also looks great. This really has a next gen Bayonetta/Nier vibe that I am 100% up for.

Tacoboto117d ago

This definitely sold me on the game. It looks freaking incredible.

Yui_Suzumiya117d ago

This looks amazing. Totally sold on this one.

KwietStorm_BLM117d ago

The world is actually looks a lot more fleshed out than I thought. Hopefully those side quests aren't just fetching.

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Stellar Blade Added As Reward For PlayStation Stars Members

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Shift Up's Stellar Blade has now been added as a reward for PlayStation Stars members.

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Hugodastrevas1d 8h ago

No thank you, I prefer to own my games physically whenever possible.

monkey6026h ago

These never seem to justify the rewards. You'd be better off earning the stars and redeeming them for the store credit. Then using that store credit towards the game like Stellar Blade. You would get further with your points that way and spend less of them

VR23h ago

Agreed, I get the £5 credit every 6 week
using playstation stars 😊 put it twds dlc on walkabout golf

VersusDMC1h ago

When i did the calculations for helldivers 2 you saved 10 dollars plus the tax you would have to pay compared to buying it with store credit.

Problem is games aren't on Stars on launch and when it goes to stars it is close to having a sale.