PlayStation - State of Play | January 31, 2024

The first State of Play of 2024 will be over 40 minutes long, and feature guest appearances from some of the most talented minds in gaming.

RaidenBlack163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

.. and here we go.
along with the rumored/leaked ones + MGS Delta and Spider-Man 2 DLC 🤞🏻

Christopher163d ago

Personally found it disappointing. I expected something new out of Sony, didn't get it.

gold_drake163d ago

i had to laugh when the "over 40 mins" was literally 5 minutes more.

but other than that, i thought it showed really good stuff. more of stellar blade, Judas, sonic, death stranding and hell diver.
solid show. imo

RaidenBlack163d ago

Stellar Blade seemed good ... but the visuals seemed a bit downgraded compared to the initial reveal trailer and lacked abit of that oomph ... and we got to know very little about Judas, again.
Rise of Ronin seemed decent as well.
Kojima segment was the only better part of the presentation. Was hoping 2024 for DS2. Early-mid 2025 is still better than clashing with GTA VI.
And ngl, Metro VR looked pretty dope. Gave kinda HL Alyx vibes.
Also, good to know V Rising and Dave the Diver are coming to PS.

blackblades163d ago

Its a state a play not a showcase, someone like you should know what to expect.

Christopher163d ago

***Its a state a play not a showcase, someone like you should know what to expect. ***

Better. I expect these billion/trillion dollar companies to do better.

Bathyj163d ago

You shouldn't have. This is clearly a 3rd party affair

notachance163d ago

I must say, I’m disappointed there’s no first party announcement in there

outsider1624163d ago

I'm with Christopher in this one. I wasn't excited as much. I mean they're good games sure. I was expecting atleast one banger here. And speaking of remasters /remakes...come on..Until Dawn gets one...how about Socom, Resistance. Im sure Sony would benefit from PC with Killzone 2 remake eh?

Cacabunga163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Same here.. decent fames but no surprise. Kojima game the end release 2027 or 28 so nothing to be hyped for just yet

Sucker Punch
Naughty Dog
Sony Bend
Sony japan

Where are all these people

DarXyde162d ago

Eh, fair enough.

As someone who has thoroughly enjoyed Death Stranding, getting an extended look at the sequel was really intriguing. The references to adopting the "stick" over the "rope" says to me this one is going to be more offensive. Kojima no doubt looking to address some of the criticisms of the original. That, and seeing a proper modern implementation of the Decima Engine is jaw dropping. I can't say I've seen facial animations, lighting, visuals generally, looking this damn good. Also happy to see Kojima is a fan of The Crow.

Sure, it was much we've already known about, though I have to say that I feel satisfied with it. I always go into these things with tempered expectations though, so take it as you will.

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RaidenBlack163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

why Bloober ... why?
hope they fix the jankiness of SH2 by launch
nice to know about the new espionage IP from Kojima ... but kinda skeptical regarding the emphasis on the "interactive" part.

Stuart5756163d ago

Heavy on the cutscenes I imagine, movie quality and budget, Metal Gear had huge cutscenes, very theatrical, I'm guessing they're emphasising on that, the gameplay will no doubt be A* too though. It'll be an experience, he's trying to celebrate his 40th year in game development and Sony will be 100% backing him all the way, giving him serious royalty treatment with everything they've got. The fact that they make movies too lets them help in ways other people may not. Intresting stuff.

ROCKY28162d ago

Bloober Sucks big Time - A lot of hype but zero substance

Vengeance1138163d ago


If you were disappointed from that! Then im sorry gaming just might not be for you.

Christopher163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Yeah, gaming might not be for me because nothing in that was what I wanted Sony to show, which was new games and not remakes, ports, VR games I can't play, and the like. I totally enjoy seeing new trailers for third-party games I already know about only at a Sony-specific event.

***Sony proceeds to show off the biggest games coming this year and beyond and you aren't interested***

None of those were the biggest games coming this year. They were good games. I'll play them. But, guess what!?! I was already going to play them before this event because we already knew about them.

Vengeance1138163d ago

Sony proceeds to show off the biggest games coming this year and beyond and you aren't interested lol yeah sure how about you come down from your unrealistic expectation tower? It was leaps and bounds beyond anything the Xbox direct showed with constant deep dives and huge announcements.
You wanted something new from Sony how about the biggest news of the show that Kojima is returning to the Metal Gear solid genre? Yeah I'm sure closed your eyes and ears there.

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YourMommySpoils162d ago

Couldn't agree more. Maybe he prefers mediocre Bathesda games.

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Hereandthere163d ago

Nice, some next gen looking games, not filler last gen looking crap.

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Abnor_Mal163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

I hoping they get all the stuff we know about out of the way first with short videos. Then the rest of the show be all new game announcements. Twenty minutes rehashing and twenty minutes premiering.

Herman Hulst also said this is the first State of a play for the year so maybe there’s more to come soon.

dumahim163d ago

"Herman Hulst also said this is the first State of a play for the year so maybe there’s more to come soon."

lol, yep. Next week.

poppatron162d ago

I think it’s just for ff7 rebirth

gold_drake163d ago

daaaaymn Stellar blade looks siiiick

robtion163d ago

Stellar Blade, Dragons Dogma 2, Judas, lots of great looking games.

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