Microsoft Says You Don’t Need To Buy An Xbox, So People Aren’t

The “Xbox” in “Xbox Gaming Division” seems to be getting less and less relevant as time goes on as Microsoft finds new revenue sources.

darthv72111d ago

I certainly did not "need" to buy one... I bought one because I "wanted" to buy one. And that is who is buying them currently. Those who want to, not those who need to.

And just to clarify, i could play on practically anything, but I prefer the simplicity of a console. It really is that simple.

xHeavYx111d ago

So, it looks like not many people "want to" buy the console xD

darthv72111d ago

...well somebody is buying them as they keep on selling.

fr0sty111d ago

...well behind all the other consoles, so obviously not that many folks.

KwietStorm_BLM111d ago

I think you know that's sidestepping the point. If the message coming directly from the manufacturer/supplier says you don't need this, that's automatically going to drive down confidence in potential buyers, particularly in countries like the US, where people buy what other people are buying. Obviously *some* people are still going to buy it, because we all make our own decisions in the end, but they been catching a beat down in platform numbers for multiple reasons. Spreading their reach and becoming more ubiquitous is one of them.

darthv72111d ago

MS messaging may seem confusing, but it is honest. i mean, they arent wrong. You can play xbox games on console, pc, mobile via cloud and even on new smart tv's. So when someone sees that messaging and decides to still buy the console, they do so because they want to... not because they need to.

fr0sty111d ago

They are signaling the inevitable, that Xbox as a console brand's days are numbered. They have no need for it anymore. They want to be a gaming publisher and service, not a hardware manufacturer.

YourMommySpoils110d ago

To the comment below. Nothing about MS is honest.

Zachmo182111d ago

According to your large amount of disagrees you actually didn't buy one because you wanted one.

So stop lying to yourself and tell us the real reason!! Were you held a gunpoint? Did someone threaten your kids? No one buys Series X because they want to. In the N4G community, we throw all logic out the window when you're a fan of Xbox.

Chevalier111d ago

Who's pointing a gun at your head to be on N4G? Feel free to see yourself out. There's IGN and plenty of other Xbox centric places to be. If you're choosing to be here then that's on you.

Ps5conehead111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

I’m mainly a ps5 guy. But Black Friday x1x was 399 plus a 50 dollar Best Buy gift card. I bought because I wanted to. I’m a gamer and if a game is not out on ps but x box I can play it on console. I have a switch also. I’m medically retired so I want my gaming for entertainment since I’m bound in a wheel chair. So for me consoles are easier to setup. And plug and play mostly. I’ve been gaming since 1970. I have fast internet to stream but prefer downloading when I can also have a portal I use , so if I’m bedridden I can play my games . People’s circumstances changes causing to make changes that works for you

EvertonFC111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

I just went the Samsung gaming hub route with GP. I basically get GP November and December and play the 3/5 games that interest me that year from Xbox.
This year will be indy, replaced and hellblade 2.

KwietStorm_BLM111d ago

"they do so because they want to... not because they need to."

I mean sure.. but you're just repeating yourself. I think you're taking the 'need to' a little too literally. That's not what the article is trying to emphasize

Cacabunga111d ago

Don’t know why you everytime have to speak about yourself like you are everybody.. fine you wanted to buy an Xbox, the majority of gamers do not want one and it is selling very poorly

darthv72111d ago

.......but it is selling.

If there was not one more unit sold for the remainder of the year, all the naysayers would have a point.

Thats the difference between pessimists and optimists.

gold_drake111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

i don't think u need to clarify anything, you dont even need to tell us that it was your choice to buy one. lol. i dont think anyone specifically asked u if u did.

it rly is that simple.

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Vits111d ago

I mean, Microsoft is definitely not making things easy for those who were interested. Last year, they raised prices in a lot of regions. For example, Brazil saw an increase of 35% in the Series S price, making it actually more expensive than the PS5 Digital and close to double the price of the Switch.

XBManiac111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

And remember games... on PS5 you stil can buy games cheaper than on launch day and from second hand. But there are only some countries where you can find physical Xbox Series games or the prices are are far superior to the same ones on PC. From the games I have bought for PS5, Xbox and PC for the past 4 years, the most expensives have been the Xbox ones. And Xbox Game Pass as an added is not a cheap option, really, when you like to select what games you want to play.

MrDead111d ago

Xbox needs to be sold to a company that is creative and cares about adding to the gaming industry like every other platform holder has. Let MS have the mobile games, that part of the industry seems to suit their practices far, far better.

ChasterMies111d ago

Sell the Xbox brand to a Chinese supplier like when IBM sold the Thinkpad brand to Lenovo? Not going to happen. The Xbox brand is built into Windows OS and all of Xbox’s exclusives (if there will be exclusives in the future of Xbox) are made by Microsoft Studios. I don’t think Microsoft would exit the gaming hardware business. Consoles like N64 were successful money makers and they didn’t sell as much as a Xbox Series S/X is on track to sell.

MrDead111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

It could happen, but it's less likely especially since MS has their dream of restricting where a huge part of the multiplatform sector can and can't sell their games. It would just be nice to have all platforms in alignment of improving and adding to the industry instead of one who's only impact is how much they've taken away.

FinalFantasyFanatic111d ago

I think that would be the best thing for Xbox, but they'll probably just close down their hardware division, you can already see that all their focus is on Gamepass.

Hofstaderman111d ago

When even Forbes publishes an article like this you know things are bad

derek111d ago

Yet he needs to take a swipe at Sony in his diatribe.

Barlos111d ago

They're right. I don't need to, and I don't intend to. I also don't intend to buy Xbox games for PC either.

DarkZane111d ago

All I buy from them is Forza Horizon. Seeing as Forza Horizon 6 isn't even announced, it's not coming anytime soon, so I don't see myself buying anything from them soon. Forza Horizon is the only series they do that is worth it for me. Everything else they do is pretty much trash.

FinalFantasyFanatic111d ago

Some Xbox games are okay on PC, I bought the Master Chief collection, so there is some decent games in that collection alone. I also bought Fable some times ago, and I'll probably buy Psychonaugts 2 at some point, I've been eyeing it off on the last couple of sales.