New Alan Wake 2 update finally adds what PS5 and Xbox players need

Remedy Entertainment has finally added chapter select to Alan Wake 2 to make hunting PS5 trophies and Xbox achievements much easier.

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Tacoboto118d ago

At this point it may just be better if they do a Complete Edition after all these updates and upcoming dlc.

But with Epic as the publisher... I cast doubt on even that

REDGUM118d ago

Please don't tease 😫. I'm so hanging to play this but I just don't buy digital, especially not here in Australia where everything is inflated.

Stuart5756118d ago

Same here, almost bought it in the sale it was 20% off, but no. Need that physical. When will they learn? At half price that digital is mine, but I would pay full RRP for physical, publishers, please read the comments.

rakentaja118d ago

In the next 10-20 years, the physical will disappear. Better prepare, don't resist. The discless PS5 is proof of what's to come. Even Sony knows this. This isn't just a "cheaper" PS5...but the beginning of a transition.

shinoff2183118d ago

Don't lump Playstation with xbox, Sony shown their committed to physical releases time and time again. They were also the first to work with smaller publisher releasing print runs as lows as 1k.

Nice try raken

tbagmonster118d ago

you are delusional if you think physical is going to last much longer, they dont care what you think

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toxic-inferno118d ago

We can only hope. I am very excited to Play AW2, as I love the Alan Wake / Control universe. But I just can't bring myself to buy the digital version. So until they come to their senses and offer a physical copy, I won't be purchasing it.

Even if it's an £80 premium deluxe edition, I'd rather that than buy digital.

1UP-Words118d ago

Sadly not! Hopefully they take the same approach as Larian with Baldur's Gate though. I'd love a full physical edition with extras thrown in.

G1L118d ago

Yes please :). Waited for baldurs gate 3 and am waiting for this one 😁

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andy85118d ago

Clicked on this thinking it was physical -_- their loss

CrimsonWing69118d ago

You'll never play this then? If that's the case I feel like you'll also be losing out.

andy85118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

I will play it, when it's on PS Plus or deep discount. Physical game futures need supporting and messages still to keep being sent. If they die we're at the mercy of the PS store prices

jznrpg118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

I play a lot of games every year.

I don’t mind waiting for bargain bin flash sale for Alan Wake 2 if they don’t release a physical copy even if it takes a couple years or more. I always have another game I want to play.

shinoff2183118d ago

I bought octopath traveler 2 for 25 off Amazon last week not 59.99 on psn.

CrimsonWing69118d ago

@jznrpg and @shinoff

I’m not sure you understand what I was saying here. I’m glad you all found games on sale… not sure the relevance to that pertaining to this discussion, but good for you.

What I was saying is to miss out on a game that is ONLY digital because you want it physical would be a loss to you. Alan Wake 2 is an exceptional game. I’d honestly hate missing out on the experience. Digital games have sales, too believe it or not.

What you’re telling me is you’ll buy it digitally on sale. Great! I’m saying missing out on a game because it’s ONLY digital is a loss for someone interested in the game but refusing to buy it because there’s no physical.

Hopefully, that makes more sense…

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Futureshark118d ago

Now can replay 'that' level again, awesome!

RedDeadLB118d ago

Fixed the crashes on Xbox Series S?

Dirtnapstor118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Excellent game!
I'm hoping they patch the bug that will not let me pick up my last charm (in the rangers station) needed for the Rustic Charm trophy... it is indicated on the map, but is not sitting on the bed as guides indicate. Frustrating.
Any thoughts?
I'll have the Plat once that pops.

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No Steam And Physical Release, Alan Wake 2 Not Profiting Was Inevitable

Choosing Epic over Steam and antagonizing the entire physical media fanbase, it's no wonder the masterpiece Alan Wake 2 didn't make a profit.

thorstein12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I asked for this game as a gift. My wife couldn't find it at Gamestop, Amazon, or anywhere else.

I didn't realize it was digital only, I just figured it sold out because of the reviews and how good it looks.

Most consumers don't read gaming news daily, how would they know it's digital only?

Plus, outside of seeing it on Jackfrags YouTube channel, I hadn't seen much in the way of marketing.

Dirtnapstor12d ago

It's a really good game. I platted this one on the PS5. Well worth your time exploring this universe.

Jingsing12d ago

Unfortunately Remedy has become a bit of a nasty studio over this past decade, You just need to look at their business decisions and other projects they attempted. They are not pro consumer at all.

Petebloodyonion12d ago

You know that it's Epic Games that funded and published the game right?

CrimsonWing6912d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Yea, people are kind of dumb. I mean, no offense to @Jingsing up there, I know that’s blunt but it reminds me of Bayonetta 2 when that got announced and it was a Nintendo exclusive. It’s exclusive because f*cking Nintendo funded the development. But people were all like f*ck Sega for sh*tting on their fans when in actuality the game never would’ve gotten made if Nintendo didn’t straight up pay for the development.

Alan Wake 1 was not a massive seller. In fact, correct me if I’m wrong, but it underperformed and that’s why a proper sequel never got made until now where Epic literally paid for the game to be developed… but you got people saying, Remedy isn’t pro consumer because this game is Epic exclusive 🤦‍♂️

anast12d ago

They did this to save money, but it didn't work.