Gaming Nexus CES 2009: BFG Systems, Phobos

Gaming Nexus writes: "BFG Technologies was on hand at CES to show off their new Phobos line of systems. These high end computer systems will encompass the best of the best and they are aiming at a demographic that wants a very high end machine with all the bells and whistles. My first thought was in this economy wouldn't it be tough to try and market a high end system. Like those that buy luxury items, BFG is looking to compete in this area where the consumer isn't as affected by the economic downturn.

As you can see from the picture, the Phobos system is really slick. The case is pretty much a one piece shell that wraps around the system. The cords in the back all come out from the bottom so it makes it more aesthetically pleasing. Inside it's cooled via a CoolIT water cooling system. On the front is a very vibrant touch screen LCD powered by an Ubuntu micro-computer. On the screen are various system specifics as well as a media changer. You can also get a read on your storage status of internal and externally connected devices. The software to control this is open source so if you want to create something specific to your needs you can. Up close, I was amazed at how nice the screen looked as the pictures don't do it any justice."

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