Persona 3 Reload Review - IGN

With a stellar visual overhaul and countless small but impactful changes, Persona 3 Reload tells a timeless story of tragedy and hope with sharp emotional sincerity.

gold_drake141d ago

gettin my copy tomorrow, cant wait :)

Yui_Suzumiya141d ago

Getting this on Steam. Never played Persona 3 so I'm very excited.

Barlos141d ago

Never played it either but I love P4/P4G and P5/P5R so I needed to get this too. Getting it for PS5. It's due to arrive on Friday but I'm into Like Dragon IW right now so I think P3R can wait a while.

Yui_Suzumiya141d ago

Yeah, I'm working on Anonymous;Code and Eternights so it'll be a minute until I get to it 😆

FinalFantasyFanatic141d ago

It's a great game, story isn't as well paced as P4, but still brilliant.

notachance141d ago

My collector's edition is on the way

Relientk77141d ago

Nice! This looks so good! I am definitely picking it up.

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LG_Fox_Brazil9d ago

Good thing I wasn't there, I would've left my entire pay check


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