Batman Arkham Asylum save Eidos from Tomb Raider woes?

gamer.blorge writes:

It appears that the latest iteration in the Tomb Raider series is actually hurting the company due to poor sales performance. With the poor sales performance of the game, the company is taking a cautious stance for 2009. However, will Batman: Arkham Asylum be able to turn the tide for Edios?

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TrevorPhillips3566d ago

seriously batman looks very good even when its from a cartoon and movie :)

lord_of_balrogs3566d ago

The game premise sounds good, but if they want it to sell well they better mooch off of the Dark Knight's success by making a phenomenal Joker.

Are_The_MaDNess3566d ago

looks good better than batman begins the game (was crap)
hope its REALY DARK and that we can use FEAR aginst enemies and just watch them screem

SL1M DADDY3566d ago

Nothing will save Eidos from their long run of horrible Tomb Raider games. Sorry, but they took the TR franchise and flushed it down the toilet with the third in the series. They should have just stopped at 2.

Jdoki3566d ago

Lets hope it plays as good as it looks!

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