Microsoft and Riot's Latest Moves Highlight a Disturbing Trend With Dangerous Consequences

Blizzard's unnamed survival MMO was canceled with layoffs at Microsoft, leaving AAA gaming with fewer opportunities for developers to shine.

RhinoGamer88116d ago

Yet, the Executives who made these poor decisions still have super high paying jobs, bonuses, benefits, and stock options. #failtown

Demetrius115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Exactly mfs selfish just like how the politicians work lol

The3faces116d ago

Blizzards MMO was in development hell for over5 years, so rather than release a broken game MS decided to cancel it. When Redfall released the Sony crowd were screaming Sony would never release a game this broken. Well maybe MS didn't want another Redfall on their hands.

jeromeface116d ago

That mmo, project titan became overwatch... look how successful that's turned out /s

--Onilink--116d ago

This isnt the MMO, it was a survival game. And I wouldn’t really call it development hell either, plenty of sites are saying it was in development for 6 years, but just from the few things known about it, it never really seemed to actually have gotten to a full production level, so most of those “6 years” were probably just a lot of planning and pre-prod by a very small team, followed by a small push in the last year or 2 to try to get the greenlight for full prod (which in itself isn’t really that weird to see for game development across the industry)

MrBaskerville116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

They could have cancelled it and assembled new teams with new games instead of firing everyone. They have the money to do that.

MrDead116d ago

MS had the money to make games too but they decided on spending £80 billion to lock publishers away. From these publisher acquisitions we have no new games that weren't already coming, a big middle finger to gamers and the workers being fired.

MrDead116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Wow I'm surprised this article got through as a certain mod has been taken down related news.

Isn't it good to know that while huge chunks of the workforce is being destroyed because of MS's industry consolidation, games being cancelled and Publishers being removed from competing systems so that MS, CEO's, shareholders and Bobby Kotick get nice fat pay-outs.

MS's has given a big middle finger to gamers and now to its own workers, thanks MS

"Senator Warren took to Twitter to criticize the downsizing, reminding followers of her previous warnings against the merger. “I warned that this deal would hurt workers,” she wrote. “These layoffs are a stark reminder that corporate mergers are bad for workers. The FTC should keep up the fight to unwind this merger.”

Activision Blizzard employees have described the layoffs as a “bloodbath” on social media. Reports have emerged that Call of Duty developer Sledgehammer Games has lost more than a quarter of its employees. CharlieINTEL puts the percentage of Sledgehammer layoffs at 25% whereas Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming has heard it’s somewhat close to 30%."

Chocoburger116d ago

What a disgrace Microsoft is to this industry. They're only in it for money and living room control, not giving a single shit about anyone or anything else that they mow down. Any Activison employee that may have been cheering for the merger deserves what's eventually coming to them.

darthv72116d ago

Newsflash... they are ALL in it for the money. These corporations are NOT your friend.

MrDead116d ago


Yes they are all in it for the money but MS is an outlier. Competing platforms to Xbox have add to the industry, MS just takes from it. All MS acquisitions have done is limit gamers access to multiplatform publishers and got workers fired. No new games are coming to Xbox from MS's industry consolidation but we know because of it games are being cancelled.

Corporations are not our friends but lets support the ones that make the industry better, not worse like Microsoft.

StormSnooper116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

MS pushing gaming into all sorts of bad directions...

I remember how with the first xbox they were so much more responsible. But it was too good to be true. This is where they wanted to go all along. Terrible Terrible company.

YourMommySpoils116d ago

Microsoft never do AAA gaming in the first place.

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LostPotato4h ago

Ambitious dream but sorry you don't make good RPGs. Just online co-op shooters.

ThinkThink3h ago

Not yet, but they can grow. Sounds like that's the plan. They have a new CEO this week as well. I can see they pushing helldivers 2 to other consoles, Mac and even high end mobile devices. The game could become a global force and sony can rack up their MAUs.

Eonjay2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Sure for Helldivers. Surprised Sony doesn't put Helldivers 1 on mobile.... but in reality, I think Arrowhead is talking about creating original IPs that they own. What I question is how they will do this (while remaining multiplatform) without expanding. For HD2, Sony contributed a lot. If they do this by themselves, they are going to hire more people (which isn't a bad thing as long as its sustainable). I love that they are trying to 'stay small' but even when looking at HD2, you get the feeling that they were woefully underprepared to deal with the success they had. Even to today, it takes too long to get bugs addressed.

Another story said that players had stopped playing because of lack of new content. We have know about the new factions since launch but one doubts that they have the internal resources to get new content added at the pace they need to. If they are looking for the kind of success they claim, they need to invest in the resources that will allow them to attract and keep as many players as possible.

XiNatsuDragnel3h ago

Ambitious hopefully y'all can achieve it

shaenoide2h ago

Being the new Blizzard in neither a compliment or a good thing.

thorstein1h ago

When the Blizzard symbol appeared on a title, it used to mean quality. Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft...I think that's what they're referring to.

S2Killinit18m ago

Yeah I remember those days as well.