Skull And Bones Producer Believes The Game Can Be A Successful Live-Service Title

Zach from WellPlayed chats with Ubisoft Singapore about how confident the studio is that Skull and Bones will generate a successful player base.

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-Foxtrot146d ago

That's what we need, Ubisoft getting a massive successful live service title...I mean Christ they are insufferable now.

Extermin8or3_145d ago

Dw this won't be happening. Their only franchise realistically that has a chance at that is the division.

CobraKai145d ago

I don’t see this becoming anything big. Might be the next Anthem

jambola145d ago

And just like anthem, the development of the game will be more fascinating than the game itself

Snookies12146d ago

I'm good... There are plenty of fully functioning complete games out there that are more deserving of time and money.

coolbeans145d ago

"Guy who thinks Skull And Bones can be a live-service title."

coolbeans145d ago

*successful live-service title

Can't believe I missed that.