Riot and Microsoft layoffs the same, but different | This Week in Business

The League of Legends maker's accountability falls on people not at fault, while Microsoft celebrates the Activision Blizzard acquisition by disposing of devs.

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Christopher124d ago

Jadeja: "I made tons of mistakes, so instead of firing me we have to let go of these other people. Also, we're doing this 'for the gamers' and totally not for our shareholders!"

Spencer: "The less we say the better, heck I didn't even notify everyone impacted. But we're just trying to sustain our now $3T company and while we obviously have more money to pay people than other companies, we think these 2,000 should go elsewhere for jobs so our shareholders feel better."

Sciurus_vulgaris124d ago

The layoffs across MS’s gaming division were probably planned months ago by the company’s higher up. MS gained roughly 17,000 employees when it acquired Activision. So positions were unfortunately going to be cut after the ABK deal closed. I think game devs need to fight for more employee [or at least job] protections. Game companies like to mass contract and layoff workers with a sometimes frightening frequency.

just_looken123d ago

As much as i hate it the layoffs like you said were no doubt planned but i think its a AI push micorsoft has alot of money/time/resources in the ai space right now even there own online version of chatgbt.

So i can see microsoft using there ai tech to make games layoff more humans in the future.

ThinkThink122d ago

They definitely will. Once ai qa becomes a thing, Ms will dissolve 90% of the qa testing team. Those qa testers probably have about 18 months before they need to worry, but it's coming.


Zotac To Reveal Their Portable Gaming PC At COMPUTEX 2024

This sounds like a very interesting mobile gaming PC. ZOTAC returns to COMPUTEX 2024 to showcase its biggest push yet into brand-new product categories from Handheld Gaming.

smashman983h ago

My last 2 gpus have both been zotac. No issues. I'm interested.

Garethvk1h ago

It will be interesting to see what they have to offer


PlayStation VR2 Official PC Adapter by Sony Is Being Certified

An official PlayStation VR2 adapter for PC made by Sony is being certified. It won't be long before the VR headset is officially compatible.

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Profchaos14h ago

one step closer to unlocking the headsets full power.

I'm extremely underwhelmed with how Sony has treated it's psvr2 customers seriously Nintendo treated it's Wii U owners of which the sales were probably equal in the headsets 2bd year v the consoles far better.

This is the least they could do

ravens5212h ago

I agree. I'm a day 1 consumer too. 😢 For my day 1 Vita. I do not like when Sony does that crap.

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BlackOni10h ago

Agreed, but to your point, those dollars went a lot further back then than they do now. This should have been a consideration from the beginning.

Imagine buying a monitor or tv that could only work with one device. That's basically what this equates to, so they left a LOT of money on the table by not making it PC compatible from the getgo. But to Sony's credit, even they were unaware of how popular their games would be once released on PC.

Babadook77h ago

I doubt there will be foveated rendering implemented on PC. PSVR2 is already a better experience than PCVR. PS5 Pro will unlock the full power.

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Neonridr12h ago

so now Sony is going to sell me an adapter I have to buy so I can use the headset on my PC? Gee, how generous of you :P

While it's great that I will be able to use this headset instead of my Index or Q3 for PC only VR titles, it's still a sad realization that Sony is sorta waiving the white flag here. Here's hoping they at least make some of their PSVR2 exclusive content available on PC as well now.

ocelot0712h ago

I don't see it as waving the white flag. PSVR the first one even though modders did get it working on pc it was a awful experience.

PSVR2 one of the best VR headsets available. Requires just one usb c cable. Even though I truly believe exclusives are what sell consoles. When it comes to VR it's very nich among gamers. I'm ecstatic that soon I can imo use the best VR headset on both ps5 and pc. No need for a pc vr headset. I have said it since PSVR2 was announced that I hope they make it pc compatible. With it being a very expensive headset and pc vr being more popular it just makes sense for Sony to do this.

12h ago
Neonridr10h ago

as opposed to a Quest 3 that requires no cables, or a single cable if you want to pair it with your PC right? ;)

While the tech is better in the PSVR2 for the most part (I own an Index, Q3 and PSVR2), I'm still let down by certain things. Headset rumble is a novelty. Eye tracking has only been used well on a couple of titles.

to each their own I guess, but to me this doesn't give me confidence that Sony is fully investing in their own hardware, more like they are stepping back to allow others to fill in the gaps.

ocelot077h ago

@Neonridr not owned a quest 3. Did own a quest 1 and 2 both where fairly good. Have used a quest 3 for a limited time and thought it was fine. But comfort wise not as nice as psvr2.

Tried using quest 2 via wireless streaming to my pc and it was so bad I much rather using a single cable and have a solid connection than streaming the game from pc to headset.

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ocelot0712h ago

It's most likely just going to be a usb c to usb 3 adapter. Even for modern era a lot of new cases and motherboards don't have a usb c ports.

The budget but still fairly fairly high end pc I recently helped my friend build. He went with a b550 motherboard. Didn't have a usb c port or a on board socket to connect a pc case with a front panel usb c. Had to get a cheap pcie usb c.

1nsomniac9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

They developed the headset/attached usb c cable so that it wasn’t possible to run through any port other than a designated ps5 port. The adapter allows all the data to be passed correctly to a none designated ps5 port.

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