20 awesome free OS downloads that aren't Windows 7

Download Squad writes:

"For the last few days, Windows 7 is just about the only OS anyone has been talking about. I figured it was high time for us to share the love and take a look at some other interesting free, downloadable operating systems.

Here's a collection of 20 that are worth checking out. There are plenty more, so if you'd like to add your favorites, share them in the comments!

Fedora 10 (pictured) - One of the few live distros that didn't have any trouble with the hardware on my MSI Wind netbook. My acid test: can it properly suspend and wake? Yes - and it does it faster than Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. OpenSUSE and Ubuntu both failed to resume properly.

Damn Small Linux - I wouldn't feel right not listing Damn Small. It's pretty amazing what you can do with a whole OS that's not much bigger than most Windows antivirus applications. 50mb gets you Firefox, XMMS, VNCViewer, MS Office Viewer, and much more. It's also easily extendable through the MyDSL service or by using the apt command.

Linux Mint - While it's based on Ubuntu, Mint has some features that I think make it a bit more user-friendly. For starters, there are several easy ways to find and install new software including the dead simple Mint Software Portal. Find an app, click the install button, bada bing! "

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Chris_GTR13565d ago

i dont understand why people buy apple pcs then install windows. you should of just bought a pc in the first place and saved yourself 500-1000$.

andron3565d ago

And Linux Mint FTW... ;)

thereapersson3565d ago

Judging from your icon, I'd say you would have more experience with Yellow Dog than anything else... :)

Darkseider3565d ago

Ubuntu Linux is my distro of choice since it came out and before Ubuntu it was Slackware. BSD I have running on my servers and I could never be happier. Then there is the big iron at work and they are running Solaris so it's one big happy *nix family. I am pushing my boss now for a Macbook Pro :) Gotta have the whole family under one roof you know.

dragunrising3565d ago

I wouldn't run any OS other than Mac Leopard or XP/Vista/7 on my destop/laptop computer. Compatiblity is the main complaint I have with open OS. Tell me how I can play games on Steam, listen to music through itunes and zune, stream netflix movies, use Internet Explorer etc, etc without searching for a work around. I'm not experienced with Wine (yet) however it is still a struggle to get any of the programs I listed working (properly). Granted I love my Eee PC 1000 and Eee ubuntu but I wish it was able to do a few more things. Tempted to put Windows 7 on it...:-p

Darkseider3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Well Wine, Cedega and CrossOver have no problem with Steam. As a matter of fact there is a Linux native version of the Steam client in the works as well. Half Life 2, CS:S, etc.. all play fine. iTunes meh.. Amarok 2.0 will be your new best friend. Zune no problem hook it up and play the music through whatever player you want including Amarok. Stream netflix again no problem, their are many programs and services out their that do just that for Linux. Internet Explorer? WHY!? You should be using Firefox on whatever platform you are running.

dragunrising3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

lol, thanks for the reply. Your reaction to my use of IE was amusing. Bubble for you. I know, I know...Firefox is better. Waiting for Chrome to come out for Linux in June :-) Truth be told, I only use Internet Explorer for school. All I was trying to say is that its a little more difficult for the casual or even moderate user, to get certain programs working. I think I understand why moderate to advance users like Linux so much; able to do anything more efficiently. I'm still learning I guess. The vast majority of things I need to do I'm able to on my netbook w/ ubuntu. I even have ubuntu dual booted on my desktop. I will have to try out Amarok 2.0 as I haven't yet and eagerly anticipate Linux native Steam. Thanks again.

zagibu3564d ago

It's called change. It means you must let go of old things and embrace the new. There are actually replacements for almost every proprietary program in existence. A few exceptions are games and some specialized business software. Otherwise, GNU/Linux can do everything (to my knowledge), and often better than the proprietary stuff, too.