Attention Sony: Let Me Introduce You To The Concept Of Advertising

Sony has worked to nullify many of the arguments against the PlayStation 3 (lack of software, price, the PSN paling in contrast to Live, etc.), but there's one final hurdle: they NEED to push the PlayStation brand more...especially with 2009's software lineup.

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rucky4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Most new IP's need proper advertising on what it's about. The first Killzone didn't really sparked up the industry. Just advertise 10 secs of in-game footage of Killzone 2 and your gold. Show what your made of Sony.

Stubacca4192d ago

They need to work harder on showing the ignorant masses what great games coming out are all about. Those damn Ninty celebrity TV spots appeal to so many moronic women out there it's actually painful! When was the last time you saw an ad actually showing off what the PS3 or 360 can do?

Mind you, I loved the MGS4 ad campaign. Got me totally buzzing like.

lord_of_balrogs4192d ago

I don't mind the lack of advertising, Sony's loss is MS's gain.

Capital G4192d ago

with the struggling ps3 SONY doenst have the money to adveritse killzone 2

maybe Microsoft will give them a loan. bill and melinda gates foundation helps the less fortunate. hes a good guy, bill

FantasyStar4192d ago

G, I think you might've gone too far with the Gates Foundation. But other than that, great stuff! Keep it up.

Megaton4192d ago

I don't think Capital G believes any of what he's saying. I think he's just trying to see how long it takes before he's banned to the Open Zone. Damn near all of his comments have been deleted by mods, yet he's still here. He trolls harder than 95% of the people already stuck in there.

Lifendz4192d ago

maybe during the Superbowl itself if feasible.

But definitely all over the place. I want to see it in the train, bus, and all over the Family Guy, South Parks, and other shows people in our demo watch.

I hope the budget for marketing is at least half what they spent to make the game.

jadenkorri4192d ago

if you actually beleive sony is gonna read your stupid ideas and take them to heart....Sony spends millions in advertising and pays people to come up with ideas, there not coming here for those ideas, so why bother...

interrergator4192d ago

dont worry he will be there soon very soon

JeffGUNZ4192d ago

My Grandma advertises her arthritis more then Sony Advertises their games.

dcbronco4192d ago

Don't worry about the disagrees. By the time the fanboys figure out all of Sony's bs PR, it will be too late. Or maybe one of them will read a financial report. But then no one thought AIG, GM or JP Morgan could fall either.

ttigass4191d ago

Sony should really start to advertise Killzone 2.
Maybe Microsoft payed all tv companys not to show killzone 2 on television... MAYBE. lol never know!
day 1 for me. cant wait

MasFlowKiller4191d ago

Can Everybody Help Me Take All The Bobble From Capital G, he is giving a bad name all 28 million of us who own a 360

kwicksandz4191d ago

Adds filled with crying babys, french people jerking off and reflections. Ill buy 10!

MazzingerZ4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

...but still every gamer knew about Killzone...why? because the media called it "halo-killer" and that was enought to hype it and make it known

Great games don't need ads.. bad games do, SONY knows that gaming sites will do the advertaisment for well, gamers want to know about the games they are looking forward to so sites must post hands-on, videos, interviews etc in order to keep gamers returning to their sites either as fee payer (like IGN insider) or to watch their ad banners

SONY has always worked like that, why to put 20 M in ads for a game that with out it might give you the same profit?

Killzone 2 is all over the internet, gamers know about the game, that includes both PS3 and X360 owners...I think that's enough people

Microsoft follows the American model where they would sell you even a rock as an enterteinment center...SONY follows a more international the past gamers hyped the games (Do you recall any big adv. for GTA? it has become a normal game thanks to MSFT) but since Microsoft is in the market, people expected SONY to hype their games like MSFT does...people want SONY folks to get Killzone 2 tatoos and act like clowns...sorry, but that kind of show doesn't work in Europe or Japan, give us games, that's what I bought the console

Killzone 2 costed 40-50 million. GTAIV DLC costed 50 Million...the DLC was part of the advertaisment campaign of MSFT...

What do you prefer?...I'd like someone to introduce MSFT to dev studios instead so X360 owners get during 2009 the promised "Hardcore experience" touted in the past which was what got them to buy the console...not just Gears, Halo, Gears, Halo...

Don't care about ads, enjoy your game.

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MURKERR4192d ago

but without marketing its gona push console sales sony need to sort out their marketing department and properly

die_fiend4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

U think IGN will give Killzone a perfect 10? It's only ever given 2 out in it's existence...Obviously it'll get a 10 for graphics, any reviewer who doesn't isn't credible. If Resistance got 9.5 then Killzone should get a 10 but I'm not don't think it will, probably around 9.7. Sony better drop the price of the PS3 soon, although this game may mean that they won't have 2...

koston36474192d ago

@ Die Fiend

actually 4

Ocarina of Time
MGS for the gameboy color (not kidding go check)

cryymoar4192d ago

maybe the could learn a thing or two from me.

Stubacca4192d ago

Lovin it dude. Especially the Killzone vid where you snipe the 360 and wii. Tasteful.

RememberThe3574192d ago

Your clownin in that second vid.

zerolinkgannon4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Very impressive profile
Imma send u a friend request :D

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JD_Shadow4192d ago

No one will BUY the damn things if no one knows the damn things EXIST. If no one knows anything ABOUT it (or no one even has any knowledge that such things are out there), how can you expect anyone to BUY them.

This and the heavily rumored price cut (regardless of what Reeves says, expect one in the Spring of 09) is all Sony needs to put the pressure on Microsoft. They got a MAJOR opening as MS has a (yet) undeveloped 09 lineup with barely consists of anything.

(Oh, and for the record, Nintendo has a decent lineup, too, that can make some of the middle road gamers (not quite hardcore while not quite casual) want the Wii, but this article is just discussing Sony, so sue me).

Aclay4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

I think that Sony will Advertise Killzone 2 properly.... I mean, how can Sony not advertise their biggest budget 1st party title to date?

And yeah, I realize that R2, LBP, and Motorstorm Pacific Rift didn't have the best advertising, but those were much smaller budget games compared to Killzone 2. Even though they were smaller budget, I do think that Sony should have advertised them more though.

Sony announced that InFamous will have a "blockbuster multimillion dollar marketing campaign", So if Sony plans on marketing for InFamous that aggressively,a game that's much less hyped, I'm pretty sure that Sony will advertise KZ2, one of the most hyped PS3 games just like it's MGS4.

If Sony says they expect KZ2 to match or exceed MGS4's numbers, I think they know that they'll have to advertise it just as much as MGS4 if they want to see those type of numbers.

RememberThe3574192d ago

They need to show this game to everyone. They need ads everywhere. The Super Boll would be a great place to place an add.

Helghast4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

"super boll" -- WOW!

On topic: If Sony doesn't advertise KZ2 I will be pissed! The hardcore know about it but the normal gamers (in between casual and hardcore) will see 20 M$ ads a day and "know" what M$ tells them. If Sony markets KZ2 like MGS4 it probably WILL outsell MGS4. KZ2 is an FPS which is the most popular genre and it completely raises the bar. MGS4 is amazing but an FPS will appeal much more to an American audience than an action game.