Windows 7 gets installed on MacBook Pro, explained

Engadget writes:

"We've already seen an early version of Windows 7 installed on a MacBook Pro, but with a brand new, more widely available beta now flooding the internets, there's no doubt quite a few more folks ready to give it a try themselves and, naturally, some have already done just that. Thankfully, there's also some how-tos starting to pop up, and it looks like the entire process is relatively painless, albeit still entirely at your own risk. Hit up the link below for one fairly straightforward walkthrough, and head on past the break for a video of the latest beta in action on a unibody MacBook Pro."

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BulletToothtony3565d ago

Why does windows do that like everytime??

kevanio093565d ago

They took Apples idea of a dock, and changed it into something much more usable. The entire os is more polished and works brilliant. Uses half the ram of vista while looking better.

BulletToothtony3562d ago

if your talking about previewing the tabs, the way that osx work is so much better.. if the app is open you can press the expose mouse button and all the windows will pull away from each other and you can view all your apps.

Please don't say something is better when you haven't tried what you're referring to be worse.

sehnsucht3565d ago

Went just fine, works just as good (maybe better than) as XP. I like how Microsoft has actually taken some of apple's ideas without directly copying them. Wait...why is this on n4g again?

Chris_GTR13565d ago

i dont understand why people buy apple pcs then install windows. you should of just bought a pc in the first place and saved yourself 500-1000$

y0haN3565d ago

Agreed. The Apple fanboy point of "Mac is better" sort of goes out the window because so many of them use Windows..

No FanS Land3565d ago

Well it's the PC core architecture that is broken with the usage of a broken OS you get somnething impossible to use. Recently I looked for laptop PC's and thay all run on DDR2 RAM, while the new macbook runs on DDR3. Ho and Vista works way better on a mac than a PC , with an even better PC computer than an iMac!

rossiscratch123565d ago

I wasn't aware of apple being the only company to be using DDR3 memory in their laptops. I honestly had no idea, so I hopped over to dell's website. Guess you are wrong.

dragunrising3565d ago

Agreed (3/3.1/3.3). I would never pay the "Apple Premium" and then install Windows OS. Otherwise, whats the point? The core hardware of the Mac is no different than any high end PC. Intel inside, ya know?

Monkey5213565d ago

I have a macbook pro with windows on it. I am a digital design student at the university of cincinnati, and there are some programs that only run in windows. Most run in OSX but for those few, windows is very useful. And you can't just make fun of mac people for installing windows, because I know many PC only people who have installed OSX on their comps. In the end, I don't see the big deal.

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ReBurn3565d ago

I'm just waiting for the barrage of "Microsoft makes Windows 7 beta users pay $300 for full OS" and "Windows 7 beta runs out, leaving PC's unusable" posts. It's a bad idea to install this beta as your primary OS. Create a partition and dual boot your machine, but by all means be smart about how you install this.

dragunrising3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Most computers have an re-install disc. If your computer does not have one and its your main OS...not a good idea if you aren't planning on upgrading.

I choose to forgo XP in favor of Windows 7 for my primary comp (though not without a reinstall disc). No complaints here. I highly doubt 7 will be much more expensive than Vista when it first came out. Student ID helps also.

The thing I would like to know is whether or not I have to buy 2 versions if I wish to install 7 on my main comp and netbook, considering there is a netbook edition.

ReBurn3565d ago

You can probably count on having to license it for each machine.

I agree that most computers ship with re-install software. But who wants to wipe their drive and re-install XP or Vista when the beta ends. Either way people are going to be complaining about it.

dragunrising3564d ago

Same beta trial happened with Vista. I happened to be one of them and yes...I reinstalled XP and forgot all about Vista.

MrTeenie3564d ago

Macs actually work better while running an operating system other than their own!