Top 10 PlayStation 3 (PS3) Games of 2008

2008's Top Ten PlayStation 3 games list paints a very pretty picture for the system. Of course, all of the major multiplatform hits are here, but it's the PS3 exclusives that really stand out. Metal Gear Solid 4 alone is enough to say that 2008 was an excellent year for the PS3, but when you add one of the most innovative games in years, Little Big Planet, and a show stopping shooter, Resistance 2, to the list, you get an idea of the quality games that are coming out only on the PS3.

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Snow5368d ago

Army of two?

Really? I know it's "co op game of the year" but wow.R2's co op destroys Army of two :/

will115368d ago

I vote Socom Confrontation game of the year. Press agree if you do to.

ReTarDedFisHy5368d ago

For Best PS3 games, My list is:
#1: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
#2: Resistance 2
#3: LittleBigPlanet
#4: SOCOM: Confrontation
#5: MotoStorm: Pacific Rift

Lifendz5368d ago

I would've picked it up but I honestly was so content with Burnout Paradise that I couldn't bring myself to purchase another arcade racer. Still, even having not played it, I know it should be in the top 10 over Army of Two.

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KMC1085368d ago

It should not be titled "Top 10 PlayStation 3 (PS3) Games of 2008" as they are all different categories.

Lombax5368d ago

Top 10 PS3 games? WTF? I see a top 3 list.

MasterChief36245368d ago

I haven't played Naruto yet, but have heard only great things about it :)

But I definitely agree on the other two you mentioned. Their lack of Valkyria Chronicles, alone, is extremely disturbing, to say the least D:

spacetoilet5368d ago

Socom? Your kidding right?
That buggy, screen tearing, pile of sh1t isn't fit to be on the same web page as MGS4. And yes I was in the Beta and I bought full game. (waste of money)

ReTarDedFisHy5368d ago

A whole lot less screen tearing since the 1.30 patch. A sh*tload of bugs have been fixed (apparently a 100?), and lag and hitches are reduced (hitches are still there, but not every 20 seconds like it used to be). It's really freakin' annoying when it hitches up when you see a guy around the corner. And of course, you die. All is forgiven when I get MVP and a 3-1 K/D.

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Soul Calibur IV - 15 Years of Soul

Soul Calibur IV launched worldwide 15 years ago, bringing with it the best performance of the series to date.

Terry_B55d ago

Hell no. It was the start of the downfall (SCV) of the series. Huge downstep from the giant SCIII

purple10155d ago

Switched to unreal engine. Ruined it.

Yi-Long54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Used to love this series, probably my favorite 3D fighter, perhaps together with the now also dead Dead or Alive (2-3-4), but as with so many games in the fighting genre, their short-term greed (season passes) has made me lose all interest, sadly …

sagapo54d ago

Yeah, I remember playing Soul Caliber on my dreamcast at the time, that was insane!

sosro54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

the first three are much better games.

Walweeze54d ago

Loved Number 2 and 3( loved all the solo modes like chronicle of the sword ) so was super hyped when 4 came out but the lack of single player content was disappointing. Still love soul calibur to this day though

DarXyde53d ago

2 was definitely the golden era of Soul Calibur for me. I was a bit conflicted about it at times because there were 3 different versions (I liked the PS2 version for controls, I liked playing as Spawn the most, and I thought the addition of Link was really awesome). Even so, the single player content was outstanding. Easily the most fun I've had with a fighting game, followed closely by Tekken 5's single player modes

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