Palworld Is a Red-Hot Xbox Exclusive – Unlocked 629

Palworld is the hottest game out there right now, and it's an Xbox console exclusive that's also on Game Pass! We welcome in ace IGN contributor and IGN Palworld reviewer Travis "The Tie Guy" Northup to discuss his thoughts on the game after 100 hours. Plus: Xbox Live Arcade-style indie game curation is finally back on Xbox, we discuss a few other big game releases on Xbox this week that aren't named Palworld, and more!

GamerRN117d ago

It clearly is a hit game right now, but I still think it's trash. I just can't figure out the appeal.

monkey602117d ago

I dont think this really counts as an exclusive though does it? Playstation have been fairly firm on early access games coming to the store and the developer has expressed interest in bring this to the PS5.

Neonridr117d ago

it's most certainly a console exclusive. The developer says they will look into it down the road. That could be 12 months from now for all we know.

Exvalos117d ago

Sony in this instance may want to rethink there strategy before Microsoft swoops in and buys them out for full exclusivity

Kyizen116d ago

It is early access though not even fully launched yet

Vengeance1138116d ago


Devs would literally never allow that, very few people play it on Xbox compared to Steam and would cost a ridiculous amount for MS.

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Lightning77117d ago

It's typical IGN fanbating PC subverting head line. If a popular PC game is on Xbox or a PS they'll make it seem like it's only on those consoles to promote said consoles. IGN is a console first, PC second outlet.

Angyobangyo117d ago

But it is exclusive by that fact it is only available on one console system. That by definition is an exclusive. I don't get these mental gymnastics people do to invalidate what something is / isn't or should / shouldn't be.

Vengeance1138117d ago

If Palworld counts as an Xbox exclusive then Baldur's Gate 3 was a PS5 exclusive. Same logic.

Neonridr117d ago

except one was actively in development for the other system. Palworld has no plans to be on Playstation anytime soon. Wouldn't exactly compare the two situations as the same.

Vengeance1138117d ago

Which is purely because PlayStation does not allow Early Access on their platform. The moment the game exits EA, it'll arrive on PS shortly after.
Xbox has no exclusive deal with Palworld just like Sony had no deal with Baldur's Gate.

franwex117d ago

More like final fantasy 16 bro.

Angyobangyo117d ago

For a limited time BG3 was and now it's not simply because one system didn't have it. My guess is you think exclusivity means publishers or devs have to sign deals so that their titles only appear on one system. Keep moving dem goal posts.

Until Palworld gets a PS release it will be an Xbox exclusive! Gamers, especially diehard ponies are angry because suddenly an early access title has blown up to be more than just some pokemon ripoff, and also available on Xbox makes them annoyed.

DivineHand125116d ago

Baldurs gate 3 already released on Xbox last year. A PS5 version of Palworld isn't even on the developers roadmap. The game is an Xbox console exclusive.

Vengeance1138116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Just like how BG3 was PlayStation "console exclusive" after releasing 4 months late on Xbox. Where could you play Baldur's Gate 3 when it first launched? Not on Xbox that's for sure.
Same logic, my point is proven. ;)

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gold_drake117d ago

is it an exclusive tho?

i feel like we use the term so loosely nowadays that we dont even know what it means anymore haha.

Angyobangyo117d ago

But if it was the other way around this discussion on this site would be saying it would be. The fact that MS allows early access titles is the only reason why people are suddenly saying, "does it really count as an exclusive?"

gold_drake116d ago

early access had nothing to do wkth it. get a grip, jesus.

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