Tech Blog: Windows 7 beta first impressions

Tech Blog writes:

" I installed Firefox 3 and plugged in a Pioneer external DVD recorder, and Windows 7 kept crashing and restarting my PC every few seconds. Windows couldn't figure out automatically what the problem was, but I unplugged the drive and deleted Firefox, and now everything's peachy. I suspect the culprit was just the drive, but I haven't tried reinstalling Firefox yet.

Also, when the OS kept crashing, I finally tried to restore to an earlier, stable version of Windows 7. The program ran and ran, and eventually said the restore feature wasn't working. But when I restarted, it had successfully restored.

I played with Paint and Wordpad and a few of the other basic apps, and they all seemed functional. Solitaire still works!

Overall, Windows 7 seems like a decent OS. If you've been clinging to Windows XP until Microsoft releases a streamlined, fast operating system that doesn't require high-end hardware to shine (I installed on middle-age PC with an AMD Athlon 64 FX-53 2.4 Ghz processor, two gigs of RAM, and ATI 9800XT AGP video card) then 7 might be your lucky number"

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RememberThe3574191d ago

If I was going to make a partition on my hard drive for Windows 7, how large should I make it?

bunbun7774191d ago

"640K ought to be enough for anybody. - "Bill Gates, 1981

There ya go.

Sanhlami4191d ago

Well I got mine as 150gb for XP and 50gb for vista, but ima replace Vista with Windows 7 beta. I like doing 3/4 primary o.s., and 1/4 secondary o.s.

Give Windows 7 partition some extra space. Maybe you'll like Windows 7 and might use it often until the beta ends.

Powertesties4191d ago

A very impressive beta (64bit). I have this installed on my laptop. It is fast and it is a huge step in the right direction.

Vista Sucked this will not.

Also, I cracked it so it will work until I decide to update to the latest version.

craig30004191d ago

at least 10GB if you want to install things like games then you would need much more

it was difficult for me i needed to get a hard drive from a friend then it gave me blue screens twice which i think was because of my creative sound card so i gave up after wasting hours on it o well

i can tell you however it is very good but still a beta!

GiantEnemyLobster4191d ago

Quad Core Q6600 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, HD 4830 512MB, 250GB HD PC i'm about to build

bunbun7774191d ago

are u going to SLI that bad boy?

notsonice4191d ago

Enjoy your Beta drivers, if you can even get them.

notsonice4191d ago

What is it with Microsoft and even numbered releases?

FinalomegaS4191d ago

" I installed Firefox 3 and plugged in a Pioneer external DVD recorder, and Windows 7 kept crashing and restarting my PC every few seconds."

well it's obvious duh!

the 50 million updates aren't avail yet hehe . I'm not even going bother yet until I see some hard proof this shyt is going to fly this time. I have a legit Vista ultimate with maxed out ram great gfx card and I'm affraid to use that OS. Win xp pro sp3 for now.

We need a real 3rd contender for the OS market and like how Firefox took on IE. Some good old competition.