Sony's DualShock 3 controller hacked to work in Windows

A japanese coder has released Windows Drivers for the Dualshock 3 PS3 Controllers and they also support sixaxis too and even cooler is the fact they support rumble too:

There are 4 drivers in total

ds3drv_1.02 - Normal Driver
ds3drv_dx_1.02 - dx driver
SDDriverSetting - utility to tweak some settings
ForceFeedbackDriver - rumble driver, you need to install the first or second driver too

download either the first or second driver, then open the device manager and search for the dualshock/sixaxis under hid devices, it should be called USB Human Interface Device
then choose update driver and select the driver that you just downloaded

to install the rumble driver just right click on the .inf file and choose install
when you'll start a game you'll see a tray icon used to tweak rumble settings, the first menu option is to toggle rumble the second one will open a window where you can set the strength of the force feedback

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Cajun Chicken4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

That's awesome. Works with the USB cable.
I'd love to try this in a few PC games...and...shhhh, 'emu-late-tours'.

EDIT: Dammit, someones going to have to post another host for those files. Have to join the forum :(.

Could someone PM me where else to find these? I really don't have the time to sign up to a forum at the time being, seriously interested in this.

Bnet3434189d ago

I use another method but this is old as hell. it's a pain in the ass to set up a PS3 controller to PC but I refuse to buy a wired 360 controller or the wireless receiver so I have no choice.

Aaron Greenturd4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )


INehalemEXI4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

This is old been using my DS3 on PC for months. I use my Mayflash arcade stick on PC now though rarely use the DS3 on PC now that I got it.

Horny4189d ago

lol, i did this about a year ago.

ThanatosDMC4189d ago

I tried it with the PSX emulator. It somewhat works but the L1 button acts as if you're holding the circle button. I played Megaman Legends 2 on my tablet.

Tried Front Mission 4 on the PS2 emulator. Didnt get the controller to work. Oh well, im getting like 7-20 fps on the game so cant play it.

whoelse4189d ago

I been using one for ages. Although it doesn't support rumble.

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sirbigam4189d ago

Hell ya I'll giv e this a try, been trying ta find simething that works for 64-bit Vista. Hmmm I wonder what about windows 7.

NaiNaiNai4189d ago

i thought anything on the ps3 was unhackable. T_T

Draperc4189d ago

The PS3 itself is. The controllers however aren't.

dktxx24189d ago

It wasn't really hacked per say. A hack is a modification of a piece of software. This guy didn't really modify any software, he just made his own. Sony never did anything to the Dualshock to keep hackers or programmers from messing around with it. So all you would have to do it make up your own code for whatever you want it to do, and since there's no defense against whatever you're doing, its as easy as a hooker.

Basically they're using the word hack incorrectly.

NaiNaiNai4189d ago

i love annoying you fanboys, its so easy.

PirateThom4189d ago

So, trolling somehow makes you better than the fanboys?

Doesn't that make you worse?

Jager4189d ago

Nai... the irony lmao

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Kushan4189d ago

You could actually do this for a while using GlovePIE and some other software (I forget the name, though), but this is probably a bit more elegant.

Megaton4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Yeah, I don't remember what the driver was called, but I've been doing this since I got my PS3 in 2007.

dktxx24189d ago

I don't think anyone has ever gotten the rumble to work before, at least to my knowledge.

lord_of_balrogs4189d ago

Really? Modding is great....... plus you seem to forget Star Craft 2? I've spent hundreds of hours on battlenet playing the original.

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