Will Internet ever be free?

tech.blorge writes:

I recently talked about the proposed plan to bring free Internet to the masses with the FCC selling off existing unused spectrum bands. It seems like such a service will not be coming any time soon, mainly due to the failure of the auction as well as the growing list of concerns lobbied by protestors.

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TrevorPhillips3619d ago

well i dont think they will because then they will loose alot of money

MerkinMax3619d ago

I've read that they want a majority of the sites to be subscription based so you'll be paying for internet and websites. SO MUCH FAIL!

poopsack3619d ago

I read that as well but I think its BS, i mean subscribing to google search? to search for what?

vitz33619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I can't stand people who are unable to spell "lose" correctly.

rockleex3618d ago

It will force Cable and Broadband companies to innovate instead of trying to cap our bandwidths in order to gain more customers.

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Cajun Chicken3619d ago

Not if Microsoft ever get their hands on all of it.

tatotiburon3619d ago

right...because in sony it's all about giving away lcd, vaio, films for free....if sony could control water, gas, electricity and internet all would be free...omg the hungry in the wolrd will be over because sony will bring food for free, in the future we don't need money beacuse sony will give us all the stuff for free.

Cajun Chicken3619d ago

If Microsoft think its right to pay for XBL, online gaming a feature that has been free on PC for years, no strings. Then Yes.
Although, to counterract that arguement, there's Hotmail which I use everyday and those new online Office apps.

But on the other hand, my landline ain't ever going to be free, especially in the UK.

Eiffel3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Wow even in a non console related article you pull the same sh!t.

Seriously, find the nearest tallest building and do the right thing.

TrevorPhillips3619d ago

There greedy they wont make it free they cant live without cash

DrWan3619d ago

offering free wifi. One town in So Cal is doing it, and i think Houston is doing it right now.

LokMessier3619d ago

In some select cities yes, but overall no. Why would ISPs give up their cash flow opportunity to provide something like the internet for everyone? When many of them make you pay for services such as repair personal to come to the house to fix the problem, and not to mention the problem in Australia where they cap your usage rate, while still making people pay. It would be a nice thing to have free internet and something that isn't blocked (Censorship I think one is going on in Australia) as well as capping usage.

Although so far neither the free internet idea nor the capping and censorship will stop so much. :/

FinalFantasyFanatic3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

Your correct LokMessier about Australia, our average cost is $50 for 10gig of bandwidth and a 512 connection (can get better if Telstra is not the only provider in your area).

You can read our woes here:

Most Australian's don't want the internet filter forced on us since there is no true opt out so I hope when they implement it, it fails badly.

We're also working on our NBN which Telstra has proposed to build with the costing for use being a 512/1.5 connection with 200mbs of bandwidth for $29.95 a month. Thankfully they screwed their RFP and aren't in the running any more. Really I just want to pay decent prices for decent speed and bandwidth, I don't expect free internet but if it's offered I wouldn't complain. :)

emazzuca3618d ago

Yeah, We here in the Great White North (Canada) are Capped too!

We all hate Rogers and Bell

LokMessier3618d ago

FinalFantasy: - Yeah I've ran into a few people on a forum that I frequently visit from time to time trying to get people to sign petitions to help stop the censorship as well as the capped usage.

emazzuca: - So canada is on the list to!? Seriously I would not have expected that from Canada, the country seems like the type that wouldn't do something like that :/

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