New Resistance 2 patch coming soon.

According to EGMBryan over at the Resistance 2 forums, a new patch for Resistance 2 is coming soon, yet he cant reveal dates or details yet.

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Cajun Chicken3569d ago

Not that I can point out any serious errors in the game or anything, but I was wondering the other day that unlike all the other Sony exclusives, Resistance 2 hasn't been patched yet and should have whatever needs patched (or awesome improvements) released before Killzone 2's release.
Looking forward to this. Maybe some features will be included.

elorm93569d ago

For example, spawning in competitive games is just terrible. Sucks to have 2 people spawn right in front of me as I'm running :|

Cajun Chicken3569d ago

Like I've said, I haven't really seen any major errors, but for the fact I haven't seen them it doesn't mean they don't exist. I've noticed in Chicago the Grimms running through the houses seem to slowdown and freeze the game a bit, thats the only error I've really seen with my own eyes.
It's always good for games to get patched slightly.

callahan093569d ago

Yeah, the two things that need patching are both in the competitive:

The first issue I've got is with the matchmaking, which has a few facets worth of problems. The automatic 20-second start after first matching 2 players often leads to an end result where the matche doesn't reach the player limit and all-too-frequently you have one team outnumbering the other. In fact, it's not just a matter of that, but sometimes a team will be outnumbering the other by a player, and somebody new enters the match and the game puts them on the same team that ALREADY outnumbered the other! I've seen this numerous times. I've never played a game where it was this frequent to be in a match with unevenly numbered teams.

Thankfully, it isn't a big deal, as the style of gameplay that this game has makes it possible to perform really well if you're good at the game, even if you're outnumbered. I often score just as much experience and get just as many kills when my team sucks and I'm outnumbered than if I'm on a good team. So it's not THAT big of a deal, but it would be nice in the interest of fairness if they could patch it up so that the matches are more frequently even. And none of the trophies require you to ever win a match, so individual performance is a much more important factor for my satisfaction when playing online than whether my team wins. I'm going for 10,000 kills, so it's honestly not that important whether my team contributes to a win or loss, as long as I do MY job.

And the other issue I have is with the spawning. It's pretty annoying when enemy players literally spawn right next to each other. I mean, sometimes you'll be engaging an enemy and you've clearly got the upper hand, you saw them first, you began firing first, you're doing everything right, and right in the middle of the firefight, one or two more enemies spawn right on top of you, already aiming at you, and now suddenly you're firing at one guy, and you've got three guys firing at you, and there's no way you're walking out of there alive. It's unfortunate, and I hope they make the spawning a bit more fair.

Absolutely fun game though, still enjoying it very much.

IzKyD13313569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

agreed, the spawning NEEDS to be improved, I'm sick of having 3 people spawn right next to me and getting killed when I can't do anything in deathmatch

phosphor1123569d ago

Player 2 login's need to be PSN compatible (so two psn players can be on 1 ps3) or atleast have a guest account that saves coop stats and stuff.

Sarcasm3569d ago

We have to give credit to Insomniac for delivering an excellent beta to work with, and an excellent multiplayer for the real game.

Given that, yes there are still some issues. I personally don't like how you have to use the matchmaking system just to get into ranked games. I haven't played a 30 vs 30 game in a while because you get no XP if you choose from the list.

We'll see what the patch has, I hope that's one of the fixes.

RememberThe3573569d ago

I hated it when I would get into a game, some people on that other team would leave an now it's 10v6 or something. I mean come on Let other people join or at least balance the teams out.

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ppisatosspot3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Before Patchstation 3 and the other Xbot fuktards come here i will say this.

Patchbox 3-Fix-Me because:

Gears of War 2 patches
Halo 3 patch
Castle Crashers patch
Banjo Kazooie Patch
Fable 2 patches

LeonSKennedy4Life3569d ago

Thank you.

They'll ignore those patches though...

They don't count.

joebahrjoebahr3569d ago

remember, both systems use them, and it makes our games better!

edwardcrisel3569d ago

just let this game die.......i enjoyed halo 3 more than this sh*t. bring on killzone 2

Fowack3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

I never knew that you that you were apointed undertaker of videogames. Fact is there are many many people still play this game and will continue to after killzone is released.

The message i'm trying to send is that....... YES two great games can Coexist!!!

aiphanes3569d ago

When you have nothing good to say? Did you even play R2?

aftrdark213569d ago

Will allow two people to sign into the co-op game at the same time so it will track both sets of XP.

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