PS3s account for over 70% of Blu Ray players in US

With over 7 million PS3s sold in the US, new statistics indicate that the PS3 accounts for over 70% of Blu Ray players in the US.

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Narutone663566d ago

Sony should let the consumer know that Blu-ray players also plays VCDs and DVDs. It even up convert the DVDs for a more clearer pictures. PS3 even plays DivX movies, only wish it could play MKV files right now.

Cajun Chicken3566d ago

I've often found it strange why the PS3 doesn't play animated GIFs, its not really a movie file, but would be another great format for the PS3 to play.

Bathyj3566d ago

I agree Cajun. You should be able to have Killzone Gifs or short .avi's as animated wallpapers.

Am I right or am I right or am I right?

Godmars2903566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

It plays GIFs in the browser. Which is all that Adobe is likely to allow.

As for Divx, PS3s are all set to download them from online rental sources. Multiple sources.

I'm guessing Sony's got something in the works. Probably involves Blockbuster.

Cajun Chicken3566d ago

But I want animated GIFs in the image viewer and as Bathyj said wallpapers would be nice since we know it can cope with the memory of the 'strands' at the background.
Although we all know that using a animated GIF on Windows as an wallpaper uses up a ton of memory.

I really like the idea of animated GIFs and short looping Avi's, as wallpapers Bathyj, I mean, it shows custom video thumbnails on the XMB so it should be able to do that, thats a really cool idea!

You are right and you are right!

Aaron Greenturd3565d ago

360s account for over 70% of Home Heating Devices in US

The End.

Kevin McCallister3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Narutone, you should check out this post if you haven't already: Still not native MKV playback, but the program works wonderfully at transcoding HD MKVs and every other movie file type I've tried, on-the-fly. Just wish I had started using it earlier.

evrfighter3565d ago

"PS3s account for over 70% of Blu Ray players in US"

what happened to Blu-Ray players are overtaking the dvd market...

Narutone663565d ago

and I also have tried TVersity. PMS is a great program, but you need a powerful computer to make a HD MKV file play smoothly. I use a Dual-Core 3.0 GHz computer to stream my MKV and still it won't play smoothly. By the way, it's a 1080p MKV file.;)

SL1M DADDY3565d ago

That only shows me that 70 of the BD viewing population in the US knows a good BD player when they see one. The PS3 is still one of, if not the best BD player on the market to date.

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POGfinder3566d ago

around 800-900k ps3s in december

those are solid ps3 numbers during recession

Mr Bot3566d ago

7.3 million in USA and around 9 million in PAL and 2.7 million in japan

7.3 + 9 + 2.7 = 19 million world wide

ps3 in 2 years sold 19 million
360 in 2 years sold 13 million

ps3 is catching up.

POGfinder3565d ago

atleast 10m in PAL region

Europe+middle east+australasia and other continents = PAL region

so around 22m ps3s worldwide by december 2008

InMyOpinion3565d ago

Actually, I believe the PS3 is in second place and the 360 has fallen to third. Media are just spinning numbers to make it look like the 360 is selling better than the PS3...

The Lazy One3565d ago

PS3 had an 8 million console sales jump in december obv...

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POGfinder3566d ago

800k - 900k ps3s in december USA NPD

during time of recession --good job indeed

xlg3565d ago

But its a scary thing to see people spending so much money on PS3/Xbox360/Wii & PC even on a recesion and a possible martial law.
My advise to all of you its becareful video games are cool stuff but save money for summer and this fall. SERIOUS If you can't, you can't that's how it is you don't have to prove nothing.

Stubacca3565d ago

Blu-Ray is wonderful, my collection stands at a hefty 72! I sell HDTV packages and it's crazy how many people have HD-ready Televisions but lack any form of HD content.

I figure Blu-ray sales will go off the chart by next Christmas. Sky HD (here in the UK) will explode too.

Best Blu-Ray so far? I'd probably say Kingdom Of Heaven. Dark Knight looks beautiful too.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

wow i didnt think that PS3 sold that much in US... nice

George Sears3566d ago

Yeah even though the 360 sells more here, the US is very vital for this "console war" and the PS3 is doing pretty good here against a cheaper console.

Stubacca3565d ago

It's nice to see that despite it's hefty price, the Sony Badboy is holding it's own against the far cheaper competition.

When I see God, I wanna see him on Blu-Ray.

Bathyj3566d ago

That means over 7M USians have the best BluRay player on the market. Good for them.

And I'll say this for BluRay, I just watched the LotR trilogy on DVD. I havent seen it since the it first came to DVD. Man at the cinema its so clear and so much detail. On DVD it seems a blurry mess. I guess its not that bad, but theres so much detail in those big battles that you cant make out. The resolution and bitrate just isn't there.

I can not wait for LotR on BluRay, even though I just watched them all. It will make the battles truley come to life.

Cajun Chicken3566d ago

Have you been reading my 'UK'adians' portmanteau?


Bathyj3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Nah, I just made that up then. At least I thought I did.

Am I an unknowing plagiarist?

Although it is along the same lines as "Earthicans" from Futurama. My subliminal mind might be a comic genius.

InMyOpinion3565d ago

Swedolians approve of your comment.

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